Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kure-nai 05: Putting the "fun" back in dysfunctional

Episode 05: Wish
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Shinkurou gets a call from Yuuno, inviting him to come over on Sunday for a kind of family get-together. Murasaki is not exactly thrilled with the news of the impromptu trip but it's not like she has any say in it. Yayoi, as usual, surreptitiously tails them.

At Yuuno's place, Murasaki meets Yuuno's little sister, Chi-chan, and discovers the joys (and heartbreaks) of video games. While Murasaki and Chi-chan - er - "bond," Murasaki gets his ass totally kicked by Yuuno. It turns out Yuuno's family has a long history of being assassins.

Afterwards, Shinkurou and Murasaki go home but only to find Tamaki and Yamie drunk and waiting for them in Shinkurou's room. The day ends with the entire dysfunctional family together.
Oh my, Yayoi-sama!

Seriously? It's about time Yayoi gets some development. But this wasn't the kind of development I was hoping to see. LMAO. Was it just me or did it take her like a minute longer than necessary studying that picture? I'm beginning to think the writers are having too much fun making fun of Yayoi's character. She makes it so easy. The poor girl seriously needs a new hobby.

OMG, it just occurred to me, Benika and Yayoi are crack! I won't be surprised to find these two in fanfiction.
That is one curious contraption you have there, woman.

Murasaki is adorable. Bossy Murasaki is even more so. Poor Chi-chan, who's probably never met anyone like our Murasaki, has to spend a whole day with her.

Interesting thing the show did, interlacing Yuuno and Shinkurou's sparring scene with that of Chi-chan and Murasaki.
Family dinner consists of tofu and six-packs.

The dinner with Yamie and Tamaki was a nice touch. Of course, Tamaki was drunk the whole time and kept insinuating about Shinkurou's relationship with Yuuno. Murasaki probably understood only half of what Tamaki and Yamie were saying but she was happy as she realized for the first time what a "real" family might feel like.

All in all, nothing major happens but funny episode.