Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Maria-sama Ga Miteru: Pure Shojou

Maria-sama Ga Miteru, which literally means 'The Virgin Mary is Watching," is set in an all-girls Catholic school, populated by, err, girls and a few token guy characters. Frequently described as "pure shojou ("for girls"), the anime is virtually plotless and takes an episodic approach to the story.

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That said, Maria-sama Ga Miteru (or Marimite, as it is abbreviated by fans) does suffer the all-too common affliction of works of the same genre: the lack of driving plot and can be quite dragging for those unused to the slice of life, snail pace approach.

Definitely not for everybody, but if you like your shojou or are simply looking for something light yet elaborate enough to keep you hooked at the end of every episode, then look no further.

Being primarily a character-driven (as opposed to plot-driven) series, focus is on the characters that populate the infinitely graceful and lovely world that author Oyuki Konno created. There's a wide variety of fascinating people, ranging from the cliched (awkward freshmen and rabid fangirls) to the not-quite-mainstream (the anime more than hints at same-gender relationships).

The most interesting thing about this anime is its distinct lack of drama. While there is plenty of sentimentality to go around, the anime retains its grace throughout. It deals with emotions the way it deals with the relationships of characters -- with an elegant flourish and with a gentle hand.

This anime will not make you cry. It's far too delicate for that. But in true lady-like fashion, it will offer you a white lace handkerchief in case you do get something in your eyes.


psyche said...

I'm watching this anime...first I find it boring because of the sentimental scene but then I realized that it's good to appreciate that kind of anime for a change not always on fighting...The story is very touching somehow and I like some of the story lesson...

jute said...

True, true. It's a very slow anime and does tend to get a bit boring, but I don't know. Maybe it's the art or the characters or its slow pace, but it's different from all the usual anime that I watch, so I kind of like it.