Friday, May 30, 2008

Kure-nai 07: Word of the Day - Lolicon

I was going to blog about Episode 06 but it was too painful. I mean, it was funny but oh my god, it totally weirded me out, so I thought: No, I couldn't.

Episode 07: Women
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Tamaki once again sets Murasaki loose on school grounds -- this time, not in Shinkurou's high school but in her own university. As a result, Murasaki gets an impromptu education on the relationship between a man and a woman and also becomes an unwitting witness to Tamaki's break-up with her boyfriend, Satoshi. Then, while comforting a depressed Tamaki, Murasaki is recognized by a man who then contacts the Kuhoins.

Also in this episode, reveal more of the relationship between Murasaki's parents.
The break-up

The episode title is a bit misleading. You'd think the women characters would get some development here but the episode is almost entirely about Tamaki. Then again, the context of the conversation between Tamaki and Murasaki does involve women in general, so I suppose that is what the episode title is referring to.

Naturally, since this is Tamaki we're talking about, she makes some references in this episode about Shinkurou being a lolicon. Murasaki has no idea what the word means. She gets a highly simplistic answer from Tamaki, saying that it means Shinkurou loves her. Of course, having led a completely sheltered life, the other meaning of the term is lost on Murasaki. Good for the show. It made the next interaction between Murasaki and Shinkurou even more hilarious.
Dude, did you just knit me a sock?

Yuuno is a puzzling character. Outwardly, she appears sweet and annoyingly girlish, yet we all know she's quite deadly when it comes to martial arts. Hmm, closet tsundere anyone? And she makes some mean hand warmers. (FYI: Dude, that is not a sock).
Doomed lovers

The revelation about Souju and Renjou was not so much a revelation as a closer look into why Murasaki is in the situation she is now. Souju had issues about freedom, an idea chiefly introduced to her by the outsider, Benika, who ironically enough was hired by Renjou to keep Souju from feeling lonely. Souju's loneliness is only expounded when Benika tells her what it's like to live outside the Inner Sanctuary. Souju's eventual suicide devastates both Murasaki and Renjou -- Renjou more so as he could not even hide his grief in front of his wife, Kazuko. Later, he blamed Benika for fueling Souju's desire to be free of the Inner Sanctuary and this conversation marked the break between Benika and the Kuhoin family. Renjou has since hired another woman, whom I can only assume as another dispute-mediator ringleader like Benika, to find Murasaki and bring her back.
LOL! Yayoi? Love hotel? Oh hell, why not?

Yayoi should be able to stop grumbling about the lack of action now. It looks like she's going to see one and soon.
Somehow, the cow-hair couch fits

Yamie's half-hearted attempt to cover for Tamaki and Murasaki was hilarious. What in god's name would Tamaki be doing in a Buddhist temple? I can't imagine her even attending university. Yamie answers the question by saying that it was the only place she would go. Ah, Yamie-sama, Shinkurou was not asking about where you would go but where Tamaki would go.... ^.^ But Yamie's self-centered passiveness is rather a Buddhist characteristic.

I wouldn't call this an enlightening episode. While not as weird as the previous one, it's always a delight to see Murasaki learning about something new. I've decided that Yayoi and Yamie are the funniest characters in Kure-nai not so much because they do things funny but because a lot of the things they do are not really funny but somehow comes out funny. Are we finally going to see some action next episode? The previews look like next episode is set in a temple.