Friday, June 6, 2008

Kure-nai 08: Temple Trip

Episode 08: Self-Preservation and Cowardice
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With Murasaki's discovery, the Kuhoins are now preparing to make their move. Meanwhile, Shinkurou, Murasaki, Tamaki and Yamie, with Yayoi tagging along, decide to celebrate Murasaki's shichi-go-san at a nearby temple, completely unaware of the danger.
Behold: evil elder brother

The storytellers have put some face on the Kuhoins in this episode. Previously, all we know of the family is what goes on in the Inner Sanctuary, and not even the full picture at that. Now, we know that although Renjou, Murasaki's father, seems to be the leader, it appears that Renjou's grandfather is still alive. What's more, Renjou has a son, which means that Murasaki has an elder brother. Unfortunately, he does not look like your regular gentle older brother type, if the evil smile he gives in the end is any indication.
This looks familiar but I cannot get enough of the heartwarming feeling this brings.

Shinkurou and Murasaki seem to have gotten closer together, which can only mean one thing: they're about to be separated. The knowledge of that makes the moment even more poignant. I find their relationship absolutely touching. It's so genuine; it lacks any artifice, real or perceived. Even the double meaning in Murasaki's words is lost in the moment. You know right away that she means every word, no matter the interpretation; that the motivation behind it comes only from a genuine desire to please the person most valuable to her.
The thugs close in

I thought this was going to be an action-packed episode but it looks like the real action is going to happen in the next one. Basically, the scene just has Shinkurou getting his ass kicked by the thugs hired by the Kuhoins, before Yayoi makes her grand entrance by FLYING KICK! But she doesn't get to kick people's asses this episode. With luck, maybe she will in the next episode. I'd love to see her in action because when not doing anything, she's good fodder for comedic moments.
"I'll protect you."

This episode has a little bit of everything. Copious humor in the first part: Tamaki and Yamie's banter is hilarious. They get into this lengthy argument about the proper term for the lion statue in the temple, with Yamie calling it a "shisha" and Tamaki calling it a "shizukawa." The former apparently refers to a salad -- as in "Caesar's salad," although shisha is indeed the correct term, while the latter refers to a kind of drink. Yamie, not surprisingly, knows a lot about Buddhist rituals.

That short scene with Yayoi contemplating the stone statue is thoroughly amusing. But not quite as amusing as the "Good Driving" lucky charm that Shinkurou buys for Murasaki.