Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer 2008 Anime Previews

A new list to drive me to distraction. Thanks to Crunchyroll for their very handy list. I can't expect myself to watch all these shows, but the following titles are the ones that looked interesting at first blush.

I have to say that when it comes to previews, the promotional poster gets me. I watch anime purely for aesthetic purposes, so naturally, I want to watch shows that have pretty-looking designs and art. Plot usually comes later.

Another thing, when I do make lists like this, it doesn't mean I am going to follow them up. I might write a first impressions post about a show only to drop it one episode later. Or I might not deem a show worth more than one line.

My blogging style is erratic, but I try to follow some imaginary schedule: I blog once every two days. That said, on to the LIST OF DOOM!

TITLE: Blade of the Immortal
EPISODES: unknown
GENRE: action, supernatural, samurai, swords, fantasy, historical
AIR DATE: 07.13.2008
LINKS: ANN, Promo Clip, Trailer, Wikipedia
Manji is a violent, ruthless samurai, tasked with killing 1,000 evil men in order to lift a curse that has been placed upon him by the nun, Yobikuni.
COMMENTS: It's not really as bland as it sounds. It's an adaptation of a manga that I have been wanting to read but never got around to reading. A world-weary warrior cleansing the world of evil in order to cleanse his own immortal soul (and to die in the process). It should be interesting.

TITLE: Chocolate Underground (OVA)
EPISODES: unknown
GENRE: fantasy, drama, adventure, adaptation
AIR DATE: 2008
The Good For You Party has banned chocolates and mandated fruits and vegetables for daily consumption. What?! No chocolates?? Good thing two whip-smart 13-year-olds found a stash of cocoa and sugar. With this awesome discovery, the two run an underground chocolate factory in blatant disregard of the laws of the state. Adapted from Bootleg, a novel by Alex Shearer.
COMMENTS: Chocolates, dude! Come on! Plus, the poster looked really cute, with all the shiny prettiness of Production I.G.

TITLE: Maria-sama Ga Miteru 4th season
EPISODES: unknown
GENRE: drama, romance, shoujo-ai, school, slice of life
AIR DATE: 2008
LINKS: ANN, Wikipedia
SUMMARY: A year has passed since Yuki first became acquainted with the Roses of Lillian Academy. Now a part of the inner circle of the Roses, Yuki tries to unravel and understand her relationship of mutual love with Sachiko, her "soeur" as well as those of her friends.
COMMENTS: Because I've seen the first and second season. *shrug*

TITLE: The Sky Crawlers (movie)
GENRE: action, supernatural, future, adventure, drama, war
AIR DATE: 08.02.2008
LINKS: ANN, Production I.G. Official (English), Trailer 1, Trailer 2
The long-awaited world peace has come but people are still demanding war. To assuage their thirst for destruction, several companies launch a "war for show" program, where pubescent fighter pilots fight deadly air battles over Europe, not for one country but for the company that sponsored them. Welcome to the future.
COMMENTS: Production I.G. and it's a movie, so quality is tops. And the premise has enough weirdness in it to sustain my interest.

TITLE: Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo (The Strange Case Files of Yakushiji Ryouko or Ryouko's Case Files)
GENRE: action, supernatural, fantasy, mystery, crime
AIR DATE: 07.2008
LINKS: ANN, Trailer
27-year-old Yakushiji Ryouko is a talented investigator who graduated from Tokyo University's elite Department of Law. Her line of work has her dealing not with supernatural beings but also with her rival, Muromachi Yukiko, an equally talented and beautiful police investigator.
COMMENTS: Mystery! And only 12 episodes. My cup of tea.

TITLE: Ultraviolet: Code 044
GENRE: action, fantasy, adventure
AIR DATE: 07.01.2008
LINKS: ANN, Trailer, Wikipedia (2006 Film)
Based on the film Ultraviolet, which in turn used the basic premise of John Cassavete's 1980 cult classic, Gloria, "Code 044" is a blood-borne, fighting a guerrilla war against a totalitarian government dictatorship.
COMMENTS: I watched the movie, didn't understand half of it, but got kicks out of Milla Jovovich riding motorcycles down the frickin' sides of skyscrapers and generally kicking ass. Plus, the anime is by Madhouse, so there.

TITLE: World Destruction
EPISODES: unknown
GENRE: action, supernatural, fantasy, war
AIR DATE: 07.2008
LINKS: Promo Clip, Trailer, Trailer (English Subtitles)
The story revolves around two main characters named Kyrie and Morute who become a part of an organization called “Destruction of the World.
COMMENTS: Uhm. Production I.G.? No idea what's it about really.