Monday, August 11, 2008

Real Drive 13: Of Bees and Flashbacks

IN THIS EPISODE: Haru and Minamo go on a date! And there's a bee! And dolphins! Plot? Who cares about plot when you have lots and lots of flashback and emo background music!
Episode 13: Another Sea - Intermission
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With Holo and Souta out of the office, Haru and Minamo are left to their own devices. Minamo takes a nap while Haru stares out at the sea as he is wont to do. He is reminiscing about his boyhood when suddenly, a bee lands right on Minamo's nose. Then follows a long and protacted struggle to get the bee off Minamo's face to no effect because, hello? Paralyzed. Then, Minamo wakes up just as Haru falls off his wheelchair and the bee flies away. The incident causes Haru to recall a boyhood memory of his when he was taking a nap and got stung by a bee.
"Ohmygosh, dolphiiiiinnsss ~ "

Haru and Minamo next decide to take a walk. They talk about random stuff. And when I say 'random,' I mean so random it doesn't deserve a blow-by-blow account in this blog. Suffice to say that the two are definitely bonding. Then, they go for some ice cream and of course, Haru makes a mess of himself.

Apparently, Haru grew up in a city, which was apparently destroyed and now exists underwater. His parents appeared to be in trouble with yakuza goons at one time but they seemed to have overcome it. As he grew older, Haru and his friends went out to sea wherein they played this game of who can stay longer underwater. That was when Haru saw his first dolphin.
Haru's love affair with a dolphin

Haru's love affair with dolphins continued until he is college. His love for the mammals is to the extent that even a picture of them sends him into fanboy madness (ok, not really, but you get the point). At around this time, his city was destroyed due to global warming and lots of underwater creatures went extinct. Apparently, one of these species that disappeared was the dolphin. Even so, Haru has never given up hope of finding one in the sea.
Haru was part of the dive team that surveyed the ruins of his old city. Some time later, he met Kushima and the two of them eventually joined together to research the viability of establishing the Meta-Real. One of the team's researchers turns out to be Minamo's grandmother, but we knew that already.
awww ~

Later, Minamo gives Haru a dolphin keychain. After accepting it, Haru invites Minamo to another date just like this one.

You want to see an odd couple? This is it. Of course, I can't seriously think this relationship of theirs is going to progress into romantic area because that would be ridiculous. But so far, I like the idea of these two connecting on some deeper level. It's...unusual in this genre.