Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Macross Frontier 22: SMS goes Wilder

IN THIS EPISODE: Luca has devised a new anti-Vajra warhead, Sheryl's V-type Infection is doing wonders to her voice and her love life, Ozma and Cathy finally do the nasty -- that is, they tell people that they're defecting from Leon's administration, and Wilder gets even wilder...oh my, how exciting!
Episode 22: Northern Cross

Grace assures Leon that she has nothing to do with Ranka and Brera's impromptu planet hopping trip. She also thanks him for taking them (I suppose she's referring to her and Sheryl) in after what happened to Macross Galaxy. But Leon is facing problems of his own as his aide tells him that they only have three months before Frontier's artificial environment collapses on itself. With Ranka gone, he is also on the lookout for a suitable replacement.
pilots of the future

Meanwhile, Luca and Alto are cleaning up space of the remaining Vajra, using LAI's new anti-Vajra warhead. After a successful run, they get to talking about Ranka's betrayal. Luca's unforgiving attitude could be attributed to the fact that Nanase still has not yet woken up from her coma.

and sheryl is back! but she's not quite the same as before. luca makes a discovery

With Ranka gone, Sheryl Nome is back in the spotlight. But she's not the same Galaxy Fairy anymore and her songs have changed. In the LAI headquarters, the machines detect tiny fold waves which seem to generate from a televised recording of Sheryl's singing.
ozma x cathy forevarrr ♥

Somewhere in the ruined area of the ship, Ozma, with Cathy, finds a miniature doll of Ranka Lee lying on the ground. They hear a sound and Ozma immediately whips out his gun. But to their relief, the person is Bobby, who seems genuinely happy to see the two of them alive.

i guess this is fate

Alto pauses in the street, staring at Sheryl singing on television. A voice speaks to him and he turns to find Klan. Meanwhile, Sheryl is at the dressing room with her new manager -- what's his name. Apparently, all this singing she's been doing is for charity and she's not earning any money for it. The manager is not in the least bit concerned however as he proudly declares that her songs have love. At that moment, an agent from Leon's personal guards arrives to bring Sheryl to the President.

i guess this is fate, too. thank you, klan, for knocking some sense into these two

Klan reveals to Alto her regret at not telling Mikhail at once how she felt for him. She adds that she doesn't want the same thing to happen to Alto and Sheryl.
something fishy going on here

At the Macross Quarter, Ozma and Cathy reveal to Captain Wilder, Canaria and Bobby the truth behind President Glass' assassination at the hands of Leon Mishima. Bobby then informs them of Leon's plan to disband the SMS and assimilate it into the NUNS.

do they have to make it so clear that she's going to die soon

At the same time, Luca tells Sheryl in no uncertain terms that her V-type infection has reached that level where it is no longer curable. Apparently, the V-type infection is caused by contact with bacteria from Vajra fluids. If detected early, it can be cured with serum made from the same Vajra fluids. However, once the bacteria stays too long in the body, it produces toxins that kills its host. What Luca and Leon are interested in is the side-effect of these toxins. According to Luca, for some reason, Sheryl's illness is causing her voice to become like Ranka's -- that is, create minor fold waves, which are in turn amplified by her earrings made of fold quartz.

Sheryl asks if Ranka has the same V-type disease but Luca quickly dispels her of that notion. He says that Ranka's ability remains a mystery. Leon then asks Sheryl to take the traitor Ranka's place and sing for humanity.
i don't think i can bear to see this character die

After the meeting, Sheryl comes home to the Saotome mansion only to find Alto waiting for her inside her room. At the sight of him, she faints and falls to the floor. Meanwhile, Cathy and Ozma send out messages to many of their former comrades, inviting them to join their cause. The three stooges (lol I forget their names), Canaria, Klan and Alto all receive the message.


Back in the Saotome mansion, Sheryl tells Alto that he was right after all about her life and singing. But Alto only tells her to stop and at his words, Sheryl realizes that Alto knows about her illness. Klan told him. Then, the two share a PG-rated scene together ~
emo sheryl is ♥
asdf;lkj! *faints*

exchanging hot looks while being emo is ♥

brera and ranka feel too far away

Poor Ranka has no idea that her crush is getting jiggy with her idol. She and Brera are somewhere in space with Ranka trying to "sense" the Vajra's home planet, which turns out to look something like earth.
basking in power

Back in Frontier, Leon makes his first presidential speech since his ascension into power. He lashes out at the Vajra as their enemies, grieves for their people's lost numbers, and ends with a promise to deliver them victory.
grace gets the chop

While all this is going on, armed men barge inside Grace's quarters and, acting under President Mishima's orders, they let loose a hail of bullets towards her. There's only one room for power in Frontier.
captain wilder pulls through for the rest of the good folks

Meanwhile, Captain Wilder announces to his crew that they are defecting from Mishima's administration. Their departure is detected by Frontier's security but the gears are already in motion. In the TV studio, Leon is informed of the defection just as the announcer introduces Sheryl on stage.
klan klan = FTW!

Macross Quarter leaves Frontier. Klan, in her macronized form and her Valkyrie at the ready, salutes them.

friend vs. friend. it's a real war now

Frontier sends out its 4th squadron after Macross Quarter. Among them is Skull-3 and Skull-4 -- Luca and Alto. Luca tries to appeal to Captain Wilder to return under Frontier's command to no avail. Alto does the same thing with Ozma but the older man tells him that he is doing this in order to protect the women in his life. He also adds that Ranka has chosen her own path and that he is doing the same. The two pilots face off. Alto's ship gets badly damaged, rendering him helpless as the Macross Frontier escape into the fold.

Sheryl seemed diminished in this episode. It's painful to watch. I miss the old Sheryl but I don't think I'll ever see her again.

From now on, I will stop trying to predict the outcome of these people's relationships. It's just exhausting trying to think of all the possibilities. I think I'm better off just sitting back and enjoying the show anyway.

Luca's sudden transformation is kind of jarring. I mean I knew he had a thing for Nanase but to see him act like this seems kind of incredible. I didn't think his feelings for her were all that deep.

I knew there was something about Sheryl's earrings. I kind of figured it out when Alto brought one of the pair with him and placed it on his ship while fighting the Vajra, and Sheryl, wearing the other pair, was at her concert.

The abandoned Ranka doll is very nice imagery.

I just realized: Canaria looks cool. Captain Wilder too. Although he's a bit too hairy for my taste.

I want more Klan air time now.

About the home planet of the Vajra: earth! Dude!