Monday, September 1, 2008

World Destruction 08: Toppi x Kyrie forevarrrr!

Episode 08: Two Types of Transporters
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According to Agan, there are two types of transporters. Those who deliver cargo for money. And those who deliver heart. Agan is loading several wooden crates with a lion's head seal on his ship. Later, as he makes his way to his destination, he finds Morte, Toppi and Kyrie stranded in the middle of the sand ocean, after having been thrown off the back of a ballistic sandwhale.

Agan proposes to transport them to Autumnland since that is his destination anyway. The trio, however, do not have any money on them. Agan then agrees that instead of money, they just pay him by helping with the cleaning. Kyrie accepts the proposal but not without some protest from Morte. Before they can wholly resolve the issue, a sandmarine suddenly attacks Agan's ship.
i has a knife! ♥

It turns out the sandmarine has been after Agan all along because of his cargo. Apparently, they belong to the human resistance group, the Golden Lions. At the mention of the name, Morte immediately becomes suspicious. But Agan only tells them later that he merely transports cargo for the group. Eventually, the four of them manage to escape from their bonds, mainly thanks to Agan hiding a knife from their captors.

Meanwhile, the World Salvation Committee receives a report that the WDC, along with the transporter of Golden Lions' cargo, have been captured by the sandmarine. Naja, however, wonders how the sandmarine even found out about the cargo and thinks that something fishy is going on. He and Lia manage to board the sandmarine just before it submerges.
"hmm...wot does diz button do, i wonder...."

The WSC and the WDC with Agan all end up at the cargohold. There, Naja confirms his suspicions. It turns out the firearms contained inside the wooden crates are just a cover for the real cargo, which is a time bomb. The Golden Lions purposely leaked the information to the beastmen so that when they seize the cargo and take it in, they would all die from the bomb explosion.

At that moment, the sandmarine captain and his crew arrive. As Morte gets down and busy with them, Naja tries to diffuse the bomb but fails. Luckily, the six of them manage to flee from the area just as the bomb explodes.
kyrie is a damsel in distress

Kyrie does something heroic for a change by saving Lia from a collapsing hatch. But in doing so, he ends up trapped underneath the weight. Morte, Agan and Naja hurriedly work together to push the hatch away while Lia pulls him out of the rubble. But Kyrie has already lost consciousness. Agan then suggests that someone give Kyrie mouth-to-mouth. After Morte and Lia both refuse to do the service, Toppi volunteers.
true love
OMG i love you!!!

After Kyrie recovers both from his near-death experience and Toppi's kiss, sand starts rushing in through the holes in the hull. The group is separated: Morte, Agan and Naja end up in the cockpit while Toppi, Kyrie and Lia end up in a toilet.
wots worse than being trapped inside a sandmarine? it's being trapped inside the toilet of a sandmarine with a tsundere and a bear
Lia is totally crushing on Kyrie
somehow, i'm not surprised

Naja and Agan immediately try to get the engine running but find that it must have been affected by the explosion. Morte points her weapon at Naja and orders him to call for help. But Naja only says that he has no way of contacting the surface and that most likely the six of them would be there for a long time. At least for the duration of that period, he calls for a truce.
"maybe if we wear the toilet bowl on our heads like a helmet, there'd some air left for us to breathe until we reach the surface?"

"that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. DIE!"

In the toilet, things aren't so calm. Lia finds herself having to deal not only with her insane crush on Kyrie but also with his insane idea of swimming all the way to the surface, using either Toppi as his breathing apparatus or the toilet bowl as a helmet. The second suggestion is the last straw as she explodes in anger. However, at the sight of Kyrie's terrified face, she recovers her composure fairly quickly, blushing all the while.
bear at work

Back in the cockpit, Naja, who has been studying the sandmarine's blueprints, discovers a ventilation shaft which connects to the engine room. However, since the space inside the shaft is too narrow, neither him nor Agan can fit in. Toppi, thus, finds himself once again doing all the dirty work.

Once at the engine room, Toppi reports that the fuel tank is empty due to leaks caused by the explosion so even if the engines are fine, they still won't work. It looks like they are fast running out of options.
hay! 3>

Agan suddenly reminisces about the one delivery that he was not able to make. Instead of goods, the person asked him to deliver a message to his sister who lived alone in their hometown. Agan says that the person is a member of the Golden Lions although he seemed too young. But before the person could mention the name of sister, he suddenly got called away by his comrades. Because of that, Agan can't deliver the message.

The person, of course, is Morte's brother. After hearing Agan's story, she immediately grabs the blueprints from Naja and starts tinkering around with the buttons. Naja thinks that her efforts are futile but Agan, who has been watching Morte all this time, realizes that she resembles that Golden Lion member. Just then, they hear a sandwhale nearby and Agan gets an idea.
hold on tight
that's tight enough

In the engine room, Toppi force-starts the engine. As the sandmarine starts to move, all six of them hold on tight to something. The sandwhale then swallows the sandmarine and then later forces them out through the airhole on its back. They end up in the shores of Autumnland.

Morte asks Naja now what but he only says that the truce is still on. After he and Lia leave, Agan likewise says his goodbye, but not before looking meaningfully at Morte and saying that he has completed his delivery. Morte just stares back at him wordlessly.


Not the most awesome episode ever, but it's good to know a little more about Agan. The bear jokes are finally getting old. Toppi, of course, people are going to call you "bear" because you are a bear. The WSC are still useless but at least in this episode, they did some pretty redeeming stuff. Lia is so cute. Kyrie is so stupid. I mean, "toilet bowl?" LOL

The funniest scene is the one with Toppi and Kyrie. That one is gold. I totally loved Kyrie's reaction. His seiyuu is awesome.