Friday, September 12, 2008

World Destruction 10: Robot City

IN THIS EPISODE: Morte dons the bunny ears once more as the trio enter Clock Town, populated by beastmen and robots programmed to obey only beastmen. But Dr. Alligator is planning something while Toppi is busy making mechanical friends...
Episode 10: 108 Mechanical Principles

Clock Town is one unusual town. Not only is its name unusual but its population is as well. That's because more than half of it is made of metal and programmed to obey orders from beastmen. That's right! An army of robot servants that do not only sweep floors and generally keep the town spic and span but also operate as the town's very own security personnel.

So what happens when they discover that the World Destruction Committee is in town? Word = CHAOS
no reason to be proud of it. so far, you're both tools

Stupid Word Play Technique works!! On Naja at least.

There goes Morte's disguise. So while the World Destruction Committee is busy trying to get away from the robots, Dr. Alligator sends one robot out to meet the World Salvation Committee. But the purpose is not to assist them but to keep them outside the gates. In the meantime, Dr. Alligator tries to capture Morte and the gang and take the Destruct Code from them.
an army of maid-robots? how state-of-the-art

Back with the gang, Morte and Toppi successfully break out of the circle of robots surrounding them. But as they are running away, silly Kyrie takes the wrong path and ends up almost falling to his death. Thankfully, Morte and Toppi are able to save him.

One robot finds them but before it could call up the others, Toppi orders it not to. Him being a beastman, the robot obeys and ends up helping the three of them.
dr. alligator needs to check his sources

In Dr. Alligator's secret lair, he receives a report from one robot, informing that a rogue robot is helping the World Destruction Committee. Dr. Alligator is, not to say, surprised, considering that he specifically programmed the robots not to obey the bear race. However, apparently, Toppi is not from the bear race but from the dwarf bear race. It seems Dr. Alligator has been using the poster with the Fake WDC in it.
you wish
that's scary

Meanwhile, Morte has decided to turn herself and Kyrie in, since this seems to be the only way to meet Dr. Alligator and ask him about the Destruct Code. Before she does, she hands Toppi the Destruct Code for safekeeping.

morte means serious business
so does alligator dude

In the meantime, Naja is still busy explaining to the robot that he is part of the World Salvation Committee. So far the robot has been calling them all sorts of things. When Naja looks up, he notices that Lia is no longer with them.

Toppi and the robot make their way to Clock Castle where Morte and Kyrie are being kept by Dr. Alligator. On the way, he finds out that the robot's name is Number 28, its serial number. Meanwhile, inside Clock Castle, Dr. Alligator tells Morte that if activated, the Destruct Code will only cause the world to revert to its original form -- that is, a world composed entirely of sand with no living creatures in it. This is, of course, exactly what Morte wants to happen. But Dr. Alligator has created a machine that would neutralize the devastating power of the Destruct Code.
"ooh, shiny!"

Morte tells Dr. Alligator that she does not have the Destruct Code with her but he does not believe her. He tries to force the answer out of her but the robot that he orders to do the task turns out to be Number 28, who, of course, frees Morte and Kyrie. Toppi then arrives but just before the trio can escape from there, Lia barges, guns firing.

The bullets hit the decrypting machine, activating it and causing it to react to the Destruct Code inside Toppi's bag. There is a blinding flash of white light before the scenery suddenly changes to the winter landscape of Dragon Valley. At the sight of the place, Lia freezes while the others stare in shock at their surroundings.
dragon valley

After a while, the scenery returns to normal. Number 28 quickly grabs the Destruct Code and, together with the WDC, escape. They are stopped outside by another group of robots. Number 28 volunteers to hold them off while letting the WDC to escape, but Toppi wants none of it as he makes short work of the robots. When later asked by Number 28 why he did it, Toppi only answers that is the difference between living and mechanical things: heart.

Their respite is only brief as Dr. Alligator arrives with his gang of robots. Apparently, he has made some modifications to Number 28's program so that now he can override Number 28's command response. He orders Number 28 to kill them but at the last minute, Number 28 instead provides an escape route for the three through the roof of the elevator. He likewise sacrifices himself just to let the three escape.

Back in Dr. Alligator's laboratory, Naja finally arrives to find a still dazed Lia standing there. When asked what happened, Lia evades the question and just gives him a heads-up about the situation.

toppi makes a friend

The trio manage to make out of Clock Town, but Toppi is sad, thinking that Number 28 is a goner. Then, they remember that the Destruct Code is still with Number 28. Morte decides to go back and get it, much to Kyrie's consternation.

that's a life lesson

While the two humans argue, Number 28 suddenly appears, giving Toppi the shock of his life. Number 28 simply says that they forgot something and then hands them the Destruct Code. Toppi is obviously happy to see his friend. Number 28 explains that the 108th mechanical principle is to protect themselves well. Then he asks if Toppi has another order. Toppi just tells him to go back to Clock Town and live on.


Despite myself, that was actually pretty cute.

The World Salvation Committee is officially a tool. They're so useless, I can't take them seriously. But I guess the next episode will have something to do with Lia's past.

I can't get enough of Morte with bunny ears. It's just...lolz

Was this episode the big reveal? I learned absolutely nothing new about the Destruct Code.