Wednesday, September 24, 2008

World Destruction 11: What Bears do in Winter

IN THIS EPISODE: The Winter Continent! Guess what happens to the bear? Oh, and some eagle dude shows his face at Dr. Alligator's Clock Town, looking for the notorious WDC. While Morte and Lia get it on, Kyrie struggles in vain to wake up the hibernating Toppi.
Episode 11: There are Two Types of Power

Lia and Naja find themselves surrounded by Dr. Alligator's robot minions. As usual, Naja is all philosophical about the whole situation while Lia is just hot and roaring to fire her twin revolvers. However, with the WDC's escape and the Destruct Code still at large, Dr. Alligator decides to let the two of them go.
close call

At that moment, someone that Lia and Naja know very well arrives: one of the leaders of the World Salvation Committee.
talk about eagle eyes

The eagle dude seems to know Dr. Alligator as well, although they're not quite on friendly terms. Apparently, eagle dude has heard that the World Destruction Committee paid a visit to Clock Town. But unfortunately, he arrives too late.

face off

Eagle dude leaves with his minions but not before reprimanding Lia and Naja for their inability to do their jobs.

to each his own

Lia and Naja are thus forced to take a closer look at their situation. While Lia rages about Morte, whom she refers only to as "that woman," Naja wonders if indeed the World Destruction Committee are on a quest to destroy the world. He aptly observes that so far, the WDC hasn't done anything that would lead to its destruction.

Later, Dr. Alligator speaks with Lia alone, suggesting that the WDC's next destination is probably Dragon Valley, her hometown. This of course sets Lia off. While all this is going on, Naja, tries to squeeze information out of a robot that can only give him half-answers as a result of Naja's being only half-beastman.

token side characters for this episode

Meanwhile, the WDC hitch a ride with Agan to the Winter Continent. After asking directions to Dragon Valley from a couple of beastmen, the three find themselves climbing up a mountain. The whole time, Kyrie whines to Morte while a half-asleep Toppi forges on wordlessly.
ph33 r me

Lia overhears the two beastmen talking about helping the two humans and a bear. This confirms her worst fear as she hurries to Dragon Valley.
not a good sign
definitely not a good sign

and the war is on!

Lia finally catches up to the three and warns them to leave Dragon Valley. She and Morte exchange some angry words. These two obviously have opposite ideas about the world and unable to come to an understanding, they resolve their conflict by fighting it out.

do not abuse the bear, my god

again, do not abuse the bear

Kyrie, the wimp, hurriedly picks up Toppi, who by now has completely fallen asleep, and together they hide behind a boulder, well away from Morte and Lia. But the longer the fight goes, the more nervous Kyrie becomes. He tries to ask Toppi for input, but the bear has gone into hibernation mode, forcing him to resort to abusive means just to wake him up. Toppi, unfortunately, is in dream land.
if that's not scary, I don't know what is
hell yeah!

Lia runs out of bullets so she resorts to using her beastman powers instead. Morte holds her ground at first but soon, Lia's powers overwhelm even her and she is forced back, almost falling off the edge of a cliff.


As she struggles to keep her balance, she accidentally drops the Destruct Code. Lia stands over her, preparing to finish her off when Naja suddenly arrives, calling her name. At that moment, Dr. Alligator reveals his presence as he shoots a cannonball right where Lia is standing. The explosion wakes Toppi up.


robot army from hell

Lia is thrown off the cliff but manages to hold on to the sides with her claws. However, she is badly injured. Naja runs towards her, intending to rescue her, but Lia's hold slips and she falls down. Still shouting her name, Naja dives down after her while Morte, Kyrie and Toppi watch in shock.
i has a ball ~

Next, Dr. Alligator sights out the Destruct Code and sends his robot minions to retrieve it. Morte struggles to pull herself up and get to the Destruct Code before the robots. Toppi and Kyrie do the same. However, just before Morte could reach out and grab the Destruct Code, Dr. Alligator lets loose another cannonball, forcing the three of them to slip down the cliff. Fortunately, they don't fall all the way down. Still, Dr. Alligator now has the Destruct Code in his possession.

Actually, that was a pretty exciting episode. Not so funny, but we're at that point in the story where the plot has to move along.

I think there was something wrong with the subs. At one point, they referred to the eagle dude as "Mr. Crocodile." Unless of course, he really is Mr. Crocodile, in which case, it's a little confusing.

I must say, I was surprised to find that Naja is half-human. His intelligence is apparently highly valued but so far it hasn't made things any easier for him and Lia. Lia also is supposed to be very powerful. So I wonder why she feels compelled to use her revolvers when she can very well just transform to her beastgirl self and rip people to shreds. Even Morte can't stand against her when she is in her dragon form. And that Morte is scary.