Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Impression: Chaos;Head

Otaku... and the obligatory harem of skimpily-clad girls -_-
Chaos;Head 01: Boot Up
OP: F.D.D. (Kanako Ito) [4shared]
ED: Super Special (Seira Kagami) [4shared]

If I said Shikabane Hime - Aka is disappointing, Chaos;Head is on an even worse boat. It's everything I don't want to see in an anime: otaku boy suddenly finds himself the object of attention of a bunch of skimpily-clad girls. Shit. And I can't even say that I don't understand the hype because, unfortunately, I do. I was fooled by the premise written on the promo. Damn it. I've never been so annoyed.
So the story is about this boy named Takumi who is a game-freak. So much so that he hallucinates about his favorite game character. Takumi apparently lives in this container located in some abandoned building where he spends all night playing games and just being generally otaku. Occasionally, he goes to school, too, where he acts all depressed, rude and nerdy and thinking that if all his classmates knew about his excellence in gaming, they'd be ever so awed <-- typical gamer's fantasy. Yet for all his shortcomings, the people around him seem to like him well enough. He's got a cute little sister, Nana, for instance, who seems genuinely concerned about him and wants to clean his room. This makes Takumi uncomfortable somehow because all those ero and h-games late in the night have got his brain filled with nothing but sick dirty thoughts. Also, he has a playboy classmate who likes to talk to him about his latest conquests. Incidentally, this playboy classmate tells him about the brutal murders occurring all over the city, saying that the perpetrator seems to be a cute girl.
That same night, Takumi chats with someone who gives him details about a murder that has yet to occur. This got Takumi all scared shitless, especially when he unwittingly stumbles upon the very same murder that the anonymous chatter told him about the night before. The culprit indeed is a pink-haired cutie, and frightened beyond his wits, Takumi goes home crying like a girl.

The next day, Takumi thinks the murder was just a nightmare -- a very sick and psychotic nightmare, that is -- so he tries to forget the whole thing. But then a ditzy blonde girl with glasses starts following him to school and naturally, this gets Takumi all paranoid and shit. However, the ditzy blonde turns out to be harmless and what's more, she's an otaku as well and she even invites him to go with her to some anime event or another. The coincidence is too much for the paranoid Takumi to handle as he thinks that this kind of ero-game situation would never happen in real life and he is just having another delusion.
But Takumi's fears seem to be unfounded as he survives the night without getting pierced in the wrong places with a blunt knife. But then the next day, who does Takumi find transferred to his school? The pink-haired cutie of his nightmares. SHOCK!

I've got one word for this anime: DROP.

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