Monday, October 6, 2008

Macross Frontier 25 (Final)

And it ends....
Episode 25: Your Song

Picking up from the last episode, this is the long-awaited finale people. The Macross Frontier fleet is no match to the combined powers of the Sooper Siblings (TM) and the thousands of Vajra minions on their side. Even Klan and Alto fall. But just when the fleet thinks that all hope is lost, a silhouette appears.

so relieved to see you

on my order

fry the bitch

you're going down

It's the Macross Quarter come to save the day! Klan has never been more relieved to see Ozma, who wastes no time taking her destroyed ship in. But Luca is too shell-shocked to acknowledge his old commander, until Ozma gives him an order, referring to him as Skull-3 and then he remembers.

Captain Wilder opens communications with the Battle Command and spills the beans about the conspiracy between Leon Mishima and Grace O'Connor as well as the assassination of President Glass. Apparently, all the other commanders believe it was the Vajra responsible for his death. But another voice interrupts them: it's Alto! He's alive! He managed to eject himself out of his ship before it exploded. Sheryl is speechless from relief.

Alto figures out that the Giant Ranka is not the real Ranka Lee. They shoot the image down only to reveal that it was the Macross Galaxy all along. With this discovery, Leon's betrayal is out in the open. Cathy takes this chance to convince him to give up.
lol, tentacles

However, while all this is going on, Grace has reached the center of the Vajra queen and is beginning to connect herself to the network.

the side characters need a little bit of spotlight

All at once, the crew of Macross Quarter detect a new fold wave.
Sheryl's fine
Ranka finally awake
Alto means business

While Sheryl continues to sing, Alto tries to break through the thick defense around Macross Galaxy. The fold quartz earring that Sheryl gave him magnifies Sheryl's song, getting through to Ranka, who finally wakes up from her trance.

Klan on Mikhail's ship

Sheryl sings while Alto fights

finally, getting through

this battle is won

Klan, on Mikhail's ship, gives Alto cover while he and the others fight against the Vajra and ghost fighter ships from Macross Galaxy. Brera gets hit, causing the implant in his brain to break apart. This actually releases him from Grace's control.
too late?

Meanwhile, Grace has completed the connection. Through the queen, she is now in full control of the Vajra network, which spans galaxies.

commencing attack

Armed with her new powers, Grace commences a full-blown Vajra attack on all key human settlements, including Macross 11 and Macross City on Earth. But somewhere far away, a voice is softly singing "Aimo." It's Ranka Lee, the little queen!
Brera is alive
Ranka is awake
Aimo again
feeling small
that smarts
the love triangle

Ranka's song is heard all over space, first causing confusion among the Vajra before turning them completely on the humans' side. With this new turn of events, Alto and the others renew the fight. Even Brera, now free from Grace's control, encourages Ranka to sing with all her heart.

A canon beam hits the deck of Macross Battleship where Sheryl is while Alto watches in shock. But Sheryl is alright and Ranka ends up helping her and even gives her a slap on the face as payback for Episode 22. Alto then asks Sheryl to lend her strength to him once more. Ranka then touches Sheryl's head and for some reason the V-type virus moves from her brain to her stomach, causing it to glow like Ranka's.

renewed vigor

princess, little queen, and queen


concert battle


Now with both glowing Ranka and Sheryl working together, the fight is renewed. More Vajra turn to the humans' side. Alto and the rest shoot their way through Macross Galaxy again, with Brera's aid. Canaria likewise does heroics, providing Alto some cover while he fires a hole through the Galaxy. Once in, he quickly finds Ranka and takes her out with him to safety.

Grace makes the queen attack, targeting Island 1 of the Macross ship. However, the Vajra turn themselves into living shields to deflect the blow. Sheryl and Ranka both feel the pain as several Vajra die, but even more of them arrive to protect the human ships.
sing with fury
I am Queen!
together now
lol, tentacles again
Sparky Glowy Boom Ranka x Sheryl (TM)
acquiring target
sayonara, Grace O'Connor

The friendlies now have their eyes turned on the Vajra queen. Brera tells Alto to target the stomach because that is where the Vajra's brain is located. With this helpful tip, Alto directs all his canons on the queen's stomach. Grace puts up a strong fight, even going as far as taking out the Macross Battleship's main canon. But the Macross Quarter under Captain Wilder's command breaks through her defenses. Klan then hands Alto Mikhail's V-F sniper gun and with this as a weapon, Alto finally takes out Grace.

explosive climax


The Vajra queen explodes and the Vajra are suddenly motherless. Softly, Ranka begins to sing "Aimo," explaining that the song is not a warcry but a love song. Apparently, thousands of years ago, the Vajra used the song in order to call others like them from different parts of the universe to mate. Ranka's mother explained it to her when she was a child that the word means "Anata..."
a love song
Lin Minmei?
lol, he's not only otaku but also fanboy?
fuck, yuri!
last look at the awesome cast
Klan is still awesome!!!
run for it Luca
Nanase wakes up
sporting a new scar

In the aftermath of the war, the Macross Fleet lands on the Vajra home planet. Ranka, with the entire crew behind her, watch their first sunrise in a blue sky.
who do you kiss?

In the end, Ranka and Sheryl decide that they will continue to be rivals in both song and love. Like the perfect tool, Alto decides nothing, just enjoying his first flight through an infinite sky.

It ends, people. While it's not the best ending around, it's all very convenient. Everybody's happy. I was happy. The action was great. Even the tentacle business with Grace was hilarious awesome. And in the end, nobody -- with the possible exception of Ozma and Cathy (yay!) -- ended up together. It ends with a beginning. Always a good ending for any story.

But I do feel like I missed something by not watching the original Macross installments. Because even now, I still don't understand the otaku Zentradi.

Not a huge fan of the Sheryl x Ranka mixed tapes. Great for action scenes but as standalone songs? Errr... I pass.

My initial love and adoration for the Macross songs is finally fading. I can go through a day now without wanting to listen to Diamond Crevasse.