Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Casshern Sins 05: And We Still Don't Know Her Name

IN A NUTSHELL: The pink-haired girl returns and she has a flashback to reveal. Meanwhile, Casshern is still angst-ing.
EPISODE 05: The Man Who Killed the Sun Named Moon

Casshern is angsting in the middle of nowhere as usual. Meanwhile, Ringo and a bunch of child robots are on a jeep heading to somewhere. Back to Casshern, Friender finally shows its face and it ain't friendly. Casshern tries to hold out his hand to the robot dog but Friender just growls at him before scampering away. This plunges Casshern into new depths of depression.

because there's no such thing as too much angst

While Casshern exposits about his sad, sad existence, a voice suddenly interrupts.
icon claim!

Lo and behold! Whom does the voice belong to? None other than the pink-haired girl who tried to murder him in Episode 02. The girl is still pissed at Casshern for not remembering his past. Then follows a totally inane conversation between that is so pointless it doesn't deserve to be blogged.

Casshern's sins just keep on piling one on top of another

So the pink-haired girl accidentally lets slip that Casshern killed her sister. Apparently, her sister, who not surprisingly has red hair, was a warrior in Luna's castle. So when Casshern came to murder Luna, the red-haired girl tried to stop him, only to end up "ruined." This in fact was the first incidence of ruin in the entire world.
well, if you put it THAT way, I say, your sister caused the ruin

Anyway, long story short, the red-haired girl eventually died and her last words were "Casshern." Because of this, the pink-haired girl sets out to find Casshern and kill him.

kill me before my eyes start to do their weird glowy thing

Realizing that he can't just emo for the entire episode, Casshern figures out a way to continue to be angsty but at the same time get some action on the screen. So he, in all his emotional glory, asks -- nay, begs -- the girl to kill him. And the pink-haired girl is all "wtf, dude! Seriously?"

And so she attacks him and would have killed him if she weren't such a girl. Before she could deal the deathblow, Casshern's eyes suddenly glow green and his mask covers his face. Uh-oh! The next moment, the pink-haired girl finds herself on the ground with Casshern in the air, heading right for her. This must be her end, she thinks. But Dame Fortune smiles on her as Friender drags her from the spot at the last moment. Casshern returns to his senses and to his normal angsty self.

no holds barred

Meanwhile, Ringo and her merry robot friends have found a super-duper secret place which contains fresh spare parts. While they are busy gathering the stuff up, a band of robot bandits arrive and start wreaking havoc. Ringo almost gets her head cut off again if not for Casshern appearing at the last instant.
no limit

Casshern, with his typical violence, makes short work of the bandit robots. But even after all the bandits are gone, he doesn't stop fighting. He would have killed one of Ringo's friends if Ringo hadn't screamed for him to stop. At the sound, Casshern returns to his senses again and realizes the destruction he again caused. Oyaji, the old robot who is always with Ringo, wisely observes that, unlike them, Casshern has no limit.

discovering his limit

While Casshern emoes about this, another voice interrupts him. Casshern looks up to find a lone sinister-looking man in dark clothes standing on top of a cliff. In a moment, the man whips his cloak off and reveals a multi-colored body, shiny new like Casshern's.

After watching the live-action movie, I already know what Luna is to Casshern. Now, the question remains: why did he kill her?

And who's the dude in the silly colored tights?

So we're finally going somewhere. But I still think Casshern Sins needs to pick up the pace more. Because even the fantastic action sequences and pretty art are losing their appeal. And while we're at it, the pink-haired girl needs a name, because continuing to refer to her as 'the pink-haired girl' is ludicrous.

Friender.... He was in the live-action movie, too. Damn, I really should review that movie here. If only for reference purposes.