Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kana - Reason (Casshern Sins ED Single)

RELEASED: 11.26.2008
LABEL: King Records
1. reason
2. Days ~ Sorezore no Kisetsu de
3. reason (inst.)
4. Days ~ Sorezore no Kisetsu de (inst.)

This is the first ED single of the anime, Casshern Sins (animated by Madhouse) with the title track, reason, used as the ED theme.

Casshern Sins is actually a remake of an old anime called Robot Hunter Casshern. But instead of simply remaking the old plot and giving it a fresh twist, Madhouse decides to pick up where the story left off in the original series and the OVA. Thus, this "new" series has viewers following what happens to Casshern (the main protagonist in the series) after the events in the original.

That said, Casshern Sins has a very different take on the original. Whereas in the original, Casshern is undisputedly the hero, in 'Sins he's practically persona non grata. Rather than focusing on war and all its vile consequences, Casshern turns his eyes inwards as he embarks on a journey that is ultimately about redemption. Hence, the propriety of the song, reason, to reflect Casshern's mood and the overall theme of the series.

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