Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kurozuka 11: Magical Earring of Inner Eyesight

Monster Hasegawa shoots venom into Kuro's eyes, temporarily blinding him. But with the help of Rai's Magical Earring of Inner Eyesight (TM), he puts up a strong fight, only to face yet another enemy...
EPISODE 11: The War of the Wheel
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After injecting himself with the genetically-enhanced blood sample, Hasegawa transforms into a monster right in front of Kuro and Rai's eyes. Kuro is so transfixed by the sight that he is unable to defend himself against Hasegawa's first attack -- shooting venom from one of his hands. The venom temporarily blinds Kuro, rendering him virtually vulnerable to the enemy's next onslaught. While Kuro is writhing in pain, Hasegawa reveals that he wants to take Kuro's head as it is the key to the latter's immortality.
However, Rai, who is still bound to the lab table, acts as Kuro's eyes by walking him through Hasegawa's attacks through the earpiece that he is still wearing. With Rai's help, Kuro not only dodges Hasegawa but even manages to do some damage. But his advantage his short-lived when Hasegawa discovers Rai's hand in all of it.
While Kuro is down and unable to get up due to his injuries, Hasegawa makes Rai pay for what she did. Good thing Kuro recovers before Hasegawa could inflict any more serious injuries on Rai. He finishes Hasegawa off by inserting a pipe tube in his throat. Hasegawa ends up falling into the corpse dispenser and is presumably dead. A surreal scene follows with Kuro hugging Rai close while he thinks that only Kuromitsu can give him the answer to the question of who or what he is.
In the next scene, Kuro is carrying Rai's body through the hallway until they come to stand in a room with a view of the city below. He and Rai have a brief moment before a bullet hits Rai right on the forehead. Kuon then appears and he starts shooting up the whole place down, but basically all he's concerned about is killing Kuro. When he gets to where Rai's now lifeless body is laid down, he suddenly kicks her, sending her body thousands of feet below.
With only two of them left, Kuro and Kuon face each other. Kuon, who already knows his history and how he came to be, feels bitter about his own fate. He realizes that his very existence is only because of Kuro. He is especially pissed off by the fact that Kuromitsu never really loved him and had not chosen him to be her companion in her travels through time. In the heat of the battle, an explosion in the building sends the room they are standing on crumbling down. Kuro manages to grab one of Kuon's hand, but eventually lets him go when he realizes that Kuon has lost his mind over his bitter fate. The next scene shows Kuro alone, heading to face his final adversary.

And my greatest fear came true. But that was a beautiful death. Even though I was half-expecting it, that one still totally came out of nowhere. A bullet to the head! Oh my stool sample!

Oh but this episode was violent. I mean, yeah, Kurozuka espouses violence like it's eye-candy and fan-service, but this one tops it all! That Hasegawa is a sick freak! And bad Kuon is a complete lunatic! I am in heaven.

I said in my comments of the previous episode that I wanted the boss face-off to be awesomeness itself. This is soooo beyond awesome. I mean YEAH!!!! XD

Also, I was right about Kuon being Kuro's substitute. He totally got pwned by Kuromitsu. Now, I think that Kuromitsu is probably the Red Emperor. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it.

On a different note, wtf was that between Kuro and Rai? It was sweet, yes, and most necessary after seemingly endless episodes of violence and gore, but WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM? That was another thing I did not see coming. There wasn't even a single hint of it. Did I miss it? Did I get too distracted by all the blood and flying severed limbs? Because, admittedly, those things do catch my eye all the time.

UPNEXT: Kuro vs. the Red Emperor!