Monday, February 2, 2009

Marimite 4th 05: Yumi x Sachiko Date

After a rigorous exam week, Yumi and Sachiko go to the Amusement Park for some well-deserved alone time. But guess who's there to ruin a perfectly yuri-licious moment?Who else but Kashiwagi who's even dragged poor Yuuki with him.
EPISODE 05: The Sigh of the Red Rose
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Yumi arrives at the train station, thinking that she's too early, but only to find that Sachiko is already there, waiting for her. The older Rosa mentions something about waking up earlier than the alarm clock on golf day. Yumi is all, "wtf, golf???" but is happy anyway because, dude, she's on a date with her pink-and-purple glowing onee-sama. Talk about full lesbian mode! Also, Sachiko mentions about Kashiwagi wanting to drive her that day but her refusing him because she isn't about to miss the once-in-lifetime opportunity to grope Yumi on a train. Yumi melts with glee.
But, let's segue for a bit. Just how did this date of dates come about? Apparently, just over a week ago, Lillian students had their exams. (What? They have those too?) And anyway, long story short, it was around this time that Sachiko suggested that they go to the Amusement Park. Dense Yumi thought Sachiko's invite was for everybody but the older girl quickly corrected her of that notion -- meaning, it's an actual date ♥ ~ Yumi just about died.
Once at the Amusement Park, however, Yumi and Sachiko receive the first big surprise of the day: Kashiwagi Suguru and Yuuki are there as well. Neither of the girls like this new development as Yumi immediately pulls Yuuki aside to demand an explanation while Sachiko makes The Face with Kashiwagi. Yuuki has nothing to offer other than the fact that he was just dragged into the whole deal, while Kashiwagi makes it seem like they just happen to be there. But, the girls aren't about to let this tiny little setback ruin their fun. Not even when Kashiwagi gets the attention of nearby girls and acts like it's no big deal.
At near lunch, Sachiko gets Kashiwagi to ride the jet coaster with Yumi, much to the younger girl's consternation. Yumi, however, withdraws her initial protest once she realizes that if she didn't go with him, he would be with Sachiko. While the two of them are alone, Yumi asks Kashiwagi why he seems determined to ruin Sachiko's day for her. Kashiwagi answers mysteriously that he's there for "insurance." After the ride, the four of them regroup at a Pizzahut place (lolz) where Sachiko makes a comment about Yumi's screams. Oh, yes, she'd know. In the afternoon, Yumi and Sachiko once more have a lot of fun, doing amusement park stuff. And then, all of a sudden, Sachiko collapses. While Yumi stares in horror, practically paralyzed with fear, Kashiwagi steps in and carries Sachiko in his arms. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that was HOT. But, no. Sad.
Anyhoo, Yumi and Yuuki then approach the bench where Kashiwagi deposited the weakened Sachiko. They learn that Sachiko had a little spell of anemia and that Kashiwagi knows this because this isn't the first time she's had this. This incident prompts Kashiwagi to call it a day. A little later, while in the car, Yumi makes sure that a sleeping Sachiko is comfortable. Then, she turns to Kashiwagi to ask him why, if he knew about Sachiko's anemia, he still allowed her to go on the date. He answers that he has never seen Sachiko look more happy than that day. Much later, the four of them have tea with Sachiko's mother, who apparently was in the middle of baking some sort of French-sounding pastry, before she got Kashiwagi's call. Then, Sachiko has to get herself checked-up by the family doctor, Yuuki has to make a call and Sachiko's mother has to finish baking, thus, leaving Yumi alone once more with Kashiwagi.
Seeking to understand him better, not to mention find an outlet for her jealousy, Yumi asks him bold questions about his feelings and motives. Kashiwagi, however, is as frustratingly elusive as ever, admitting that he likes Sachiko at the same time declaring that he likes Yuuki and Yumi as well. For her part, Yumi declares that she hates him, but to her utter frustration, Kashiwagi only takes this as a compliment, saying that Yumi is not the sort of person who would boldly say her opinions about someone to their face. He gives her all sorts of hints, both as to him and as to Sachiko, but before Yumi could get them, Yuuki arrives to tell her that Sachiko has asked for her. Yumi goes to Sachiko's room and sees her onee-sama in bed. OHMYGODWHAT? But sadly, nothing happens, except that Yumi and Sachiko are, without question, totally gay for each other. Later, we also learn that Yuuki was just a substitute for Touko as she was the first person that Kashiwagi asked to go with him but she refused.

So much Yumi x Sachiko goodness this episode I think I'm ready to gag. I have to admit though, Yumi looks cuter with her hair like that. Don't like the pigtails. Hate pigtails.

I actually like Kashiwagi as a character. I thought he was a good pair for Sachiko the first time he was introduced in Season 1 of the series. But then they made him gay and I was like WHAT? NUUUUUU ~ I still harbor a secret fangirl wish that the two of them would eventually hook up. I mean, yeah, they're engaged but it's an arranged one and I want them to really hook up. It won't happen in canon, so maybe in fanfiction? *blink* *blink* Not likely.

Favorite Sachiko moment? This episode was just flooded with them, but I guess it would be this. Not so much because of the "perverted old man" thoughts the image evokes but because of what she actually says when she makes that face: "I can hear your screams very clearly." THAT IS SO S&M OHMYGOD!

ack! Sei-sama ♥ ~ (but I don't see Youko around so it's probably Rei)
finally, some action between these two (is it just me or are Touko and Yuuki making eyes at each other??? what? a straight couple in Marimite? What is the world coming to?)