Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[MANGA] Kimi ni Todoke 61: Changes

Heyyyyy! It's me. So I've been catching up on my mangalist and though I don't really blog much about the manga I read, except for Claymore, but lately, Kimi ni Todoke has been surprising me with the relationship development of some of its side characters. So here I am, giving my two cents about the latest chapter from the manga.

So the chapter picks up right where the previous one left off -- that is, Kazehaya returns to Ryu's home to drop off the food that Chizu asked him to give to Ryu. Kazehaya also tells him that Chizu asked him about the confession and that he couldn't lie. Ryu asks him where Chizu is and Kazehaya says that she went home. She's in her room, crying. The next day, Chizu's mom asks Ryu to give Chizu's lunch bag to her since she forgot it that morning. However, Chizu isn't in school. Pin thinks that Chizu is purposely absent in order to escape having to submit the future survey form. Ayane and Sawako are both worried that she might be sick and they decide to visit her after class. Ever the jaded one, Ayane sends Chizu a text to make sure that she's not just skipping school. Kento then appears and Ayane is awkwardly reminded of their strange encounter at the train station the other day. But Kento is there to talk to Sawako, which kind of puts off Ayane a bit as she immediately leaves, telling them to talk far away from her. Kento asks Kazehaya's permission to talk to Sawako but Kazehaya tells him that of course he can talk to Sawako since Sawako isn't his property. Kento tells Sawako that Ayane is more perceptive than most people. He then adds that he has noticed the awkwardness between Kazehaya and Sawako and advises her to close her eyes for five seconds. Sawako is shocked to hear this since this is exactly what Pin said as well. Of course, Pin was setting her up for a kiss and Sawako is still all sorts of terrified of this. Then Kento unexpectedly thanks her for helping him notice many things, including how cute Ayane is. With that Kento leaves her to find Ayane, who is in the hallway outside, checking her cellpone for Chizu's reply. When she sees Kento, she asks him what he and Sawako talked about and Kento tells her that they were talking about Kazehaya. Ayane scolds him for meddling again and Kento only smiles, which creeps out Ayane a bit. He says that she's always worrying about others but Ayane refutes him, saying that she's only concerned about herself. The entire conversation consists of Kento trying to get Ayane to admit that she's not as selfish as she thinks and that she's actually quite cute while Ayane denies everything. Pin then arrives and, noticing their closeness, asks if they are going out. Ayane emphatically tells him no and takes this opportunity to leave. The two men stare after her and Kento comments that she's sometimes pretty dense. But Pin gently says that he actually thinks she's quite clever. Later, Ayane and Sawako decide to buy some of Chizu's favorite snacks to bring to her. As the girls go off on their own, someone pokes Kazehaya on the shoulder. Meanwhile, Chizu is at her usual hangout place by the sea and she is getting hungry. At that moment, Kazehaya arrives with her lunch bag. She's surprised to find him since it's always been Ryu. He says that it was Ryu who told him about the place and asked him to bring her the food. Chizu irrationally blames Kazehaya, bringing up how as a kid she was on a winning streak but that Kazehaya did not even compete with her. Then she declares that she wants to be Kazehaya in her next incarnation. She mentally adds, that way she'll always be friends with Ryu. Ryu's confession and her rejection has caused her to question her relationship with Ryu and fear that she's going to lose him as a friend. Kazehaya then asks her something which never occurred to her: Isn't she a little bit happy about it? The chapter ends with Chizu thinking to herself that she never saw it from that angle and it looks like she's smiling.


Ok, INSANE. Ayane x Kento? Never saw that coming. Honestly. I always thought Kento would end up with Kurumi, but him and, it's actually pretty cute. Then again, I'd like for Ayane to end up with someone, doesn't matter who. I even briefly entertained the thought of her with Pin, no matter how wrong that is. It would've been hilarious, too, and not angst-ridden. But Kento's fine, too. It would be more of the typical shoujo, teenage, angst-ridden stuff. Oh, but a love triangle? Urk. Kill me. My mind is going places.

On the other hand, Chizu x Ryu is finally going somewhere. Makes me happy.