Saturday, November 5, 2011

Claymore 120: Awesome Miria is awesome

So cool, it hurts.

So Cassandra awakens, to Roxanne's never-ending delight and everyone else's utter horror. Her hate now complete, Roxanne battles the awakened Cassandra, taunting her all the way and forgetting about the twins for the moment. Meanwhile, Miria moves into action, ordering the twins to take all the single-digit warriors to safety while she attempts to join forces with Roxanne. Unfortunately, Hysteria is not quite finished with her and is feeling a little left out after having been "ignored" once more. Miria loses an arm to her when Hysteria figures out Miria's technique. But all is not lost for Miria, who discovers that Hysteria's weakness is precisely in her elegance: she cannot anticipate dirty attacks. So Miria sacrifices her remaining arm to impale Hysteria right through the chest and then picks up another sword with her mouth, using that weapon to stab Hysteria in the throat. As Hysteria dies, Miria looks up just in time to see Roxanne's limb-less body flying through the air. Cassandra has eaten all her limbs. The scene then cuts to Rubel confronting Dae about knowing beforehand that such a thing would happen. The Organization is apparently ill-prepared for the simultaneous awakening of all three resurrected Nos. 1 but Dae is uncaring, wanting only to observe the carnage that results. At that moment, Miria finds out for herself that her problem just got bigger.

Oh. my. god. Awesome!