Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Claymore 121: Help is here

This made my week. It will probably make my month, considering that The Walking Dead is on hiatus until February (mid-season finales are inventions of Satan, I tell you!!)

Anyhoo, chapter-wise nothing much happens here. Exactly what you can expect from where the previous chapter ended: basically, the three former nos. 1 awakened and shit hits the fan. The claymores are all scrambling to get away but some are born heroes and Miria almost awakens after attention-seeking Hysteria practically forces her to. But then, help arrives in the form of friendly faces. The long awaited reunion between Miria and Miria's harem + 1. :D Plot-wise, this is the chapter where everything starts to get interesting. Or, I sincerely hope.

til next chapter