Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Taking down some stuff (edited)

I'm sure you've all heard about the news. The FBI has taken down Megaupload and many other file-storage sites are falling in line. Now, we at Animeshoon don't feel as threatened by this recent move by the U.S. Government since this is primarily a blog for episode summaries and reviews, but we do offer downloads here and seeing as how our primary storage sites, i.e. Megaupload and Mediafire, are not safe, jute thought it a good precaution to just take down the download section of this blog for now. There's no telling if this is going to be permanent. Maybe all this will just blow over. But we want to be safe. And we want this blog to be safe. And this seems to be the only solution for that. I wouldn't worry too much though because there are online file storage sites that are putting their foot down on this issue and these sites happen to be off U.S. shores. So there.

In the next few days, we'll be slowly deleting our files from Megaupload, Mediafire and 4shared. So I suggest you grab whatever you can now or archive them somewhere.

Go internets!


EDITED 1/25/2012: Cleaned up the Mediafire and 4shared account. All links in the downloads section have been removed. All files uploaded to 4shared have been deleted. As for the Mediafire account, files that have been uploaded in 2010 and earlier have all been deleted. Needless to say, all files up on Megaupload are no longer available. Jute and I are still in the process of deciding what our next step would be. A private server is out of the question as we're not making money out of this site. No, not even those googleads amount to anything. And we don't want to ask for donations. But the internet should be free so we're looking at various ways to make that happen. If not in the whole of internet, then in this blog at least. Stay tuned.