Thursday, January 26, 2012

UPDATE: File deletions

UPDATE 1/29/2012

Will be slowly re-posting the Mediafire links but we have password-protected the files to decrease the likelihood of getting flagged.

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All DDL links on posts labeled "ost" have been deleted. The files uploaded to Mediafire in 2011 are still available so if you want copies, post a comment and I'll email you the links. I guess I'm going to keep these files until Mediafire takes them down or whatever. I have also deleted the links and videos from their file host, except the trailers and PVs, which will remain for as long as the files don't get taken down by Mediafire. All manga downloads that are up on Mediafire are still alive and will remain so unless they, too, get taken down.

A few changes

After a long discussion, jute and I have decided to keep the soundtrack and download section alive, with some changes. See, ever since I took over this blog, I have been a little neglectful in reviewing things -- soundtracks, series, etc. and have just been offering downloads instead.-_- So what happened? When I took down those DDL links, the post became no more than a pointless summary of the tracklist and the album cover. We're changing that by doing an actual review, like jute has always done before.

Also, if Mediafire starts deleting our files, we're changing file hosts. I already have a back-up in mind so never fear.

Anyhoo, up next is a first impressions post on a show that I didn't include in the short list.