Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another 5: The first revelation

The death of Kouichi's nurse friend leads Akazawa and the rest of Class 3 to take drastic measures to contain the situation. A tough decision is about to be made and it concerns Kouichi. Not everyone agrees, however, as Takabayashi and Mochizuki reveal. But Takabayashi commits the grievous mistake of trying to tell Kouichi exactly what is going on. Before he could even start to make sense, he suffers a heart attack and dies. The next day, everyone in Class 3 and the teachers ignore Kouichi in much the same way they've been ignoring Mei. Their treatment, as well as a note with a copy of the class roster that Mochizuki slips in his bag, causes Kouichi to seek out Mei at Studio M, the doll shop. There, Mei makes a few revelations. One of these is how she is actually a living, breathing human. She also says that the deaths start when Class 3 increases by one person. She reveals that this person is dead but no one, not even the said person, knows it. Because of this, it is impossible for anyone to identify the "another"  and, therefore, the only way to correct the number of students is to simply treat one student as if he or she doesn't exist. Hence, their collective ignoring of Mei. However, Kouichi unknowingly breaks this rule, which, thus, started the series of deaths in Class 3.

Omg I totally did not see that coming. I'm so bad at all this mystery stuff. I like the genre enough but I'm really bad with guessing games so yeah. Mei is not a ghost, yo! Her last name is totally a coincidence. Also, don't read the Wikipedia entry for Another. It has so many spoilers. I got spoiled. Usually, I don't mind spoilers, but for mystery shows like this, I try to avoid them. Too late. Anyhoo, I am enjoying this anime.

More screencaps from Episode 5: