Thursday, February 23, 2012

Natsume Yuujin-chou Shi 8: Two-faced Exorcist

Remember that old lady who goes around with the exorcists of Matsuda Clan? Yeah. This is her story. It turns out she too had a youkai friend a long time ago. Of course, she thought the was an exorcist instead of the exorcist's youkai servant. Reiko is mentioned all throughout but we never get to see her. Anyhoo, the whole thing ends with the lady sealing her youkai friend to prevent it from turning evil. Years later, she returns to the well where she hid the sealing stone, not knowing that the stone has been taken by another youkai who goes to Natsume for help. The sealed youkai had fought and lost to Reiko so its name is in the Book of Friends. After Natsume returns its name, the youkai is finally free and returns to its original form, but not before thanking Natsume and the child who sealed him a long time ago.

An okay episode, I guess. I'm more excited about the next one though. It'll have Natori again and his posies. :)

more screencaps from episode 8: