Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another 9: Mystery solved...or not

The gang less one is back in Yomiyama and things are back where they started. The auxiliary librarian says that there are inconsistencies in the student's head injuries, which lead them to conclude that the student may have already been dead before he was hit by that boat, which also means that the real cause of death may have occurred while in Yomiyama. So the tragedy shows no sign of stopping. That evening, Kouichi has a dream in which he gets blamed by the ghosts of all the dead students for their deaths. After that, Kouichi decides to round up Teshigawara and Mochizuki in order to search for Matsunaga's clue. Mei ends up coming along with them. Their search yields a cassette tape attached to a locker in Class 3's old classroom. As they play the tape, they find out part of what happened in the 1985 Class 3's school trip to the shrine. One student died after getting hit by a lightning. And another died after falling off the mountain. Meanwhile, two girls from the current Class 3 say their goodbyes to each other. One of them is leaving town with her entire family. However, on their way out, their car gets hit by a rolling rock and falls off the cliff, apparently killing everyone inside. And the other has her house getting accidentally plowed by a runaway payloader, killing her brother who is in his room. The tape breaks off as Matsunaga begins to tell the gang the most important part of his story. And due to the inopportune appearance of one roving teacher, the tape is also ruined. Mochizuki promises to fix it and the gang agrees to meet up later.


That was a shitty trick they played. Having the tape break off at the last minute. I mean, I get how they want to push the anticipation, but come on. That was cheap. Also, lolz so much nerd hate here. What's the lesson? Don't spend too much time on the computer, or you might get killed by an unmanned payloader. Get out more often, onii-san.

more screencaps from episode 9: