Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jormungand 3: An Orchestra of Two

A couple of assassins are out in the middle east performing a hit on some mafia turncoat. Meanwhile, Koko and her crew are in some city, Koko, with Tojo, teaching Jonah mathematics at the same time checking out a site which gives them intel on assassins on the loose in the city. Included in the list is a group known only as Orchestra. Tojo says that Orchestra used to be an 8-member group but they are now down to just one plus a new recruit. Koko isn't too worried, however, because she's confident about the city's law enforcement and in her own gang of ex-soldiers. Valmet arrives later to invite Koko out on a date, which Koko accepts after debating whether to bring Jonah with her. Eventually, she decides that Jonah should continue his math lessons, much to Valmet's delight. Jonah, however, has another plan in mind and soon skips out on his lessons with Tojo to secretly find Koko. His instincts are proven correct when Orchestra and the new recruit, Chinatsu, attack Koko while Valmet is distracted. Jonah jumps into the fray in the nick of time and brings Koko out of immediate danger. Bullets are exchanged between Jonah and Valmet on one side and the assassins on the other. But it's not long before Lehm and co. learn of Koko's predicament and move into position. Jonah is puzzled why Koko doesn't seem to be afraid at all and Koko explains that as an arms dealer, she shouldn't be afraid of the things she sells. Valmet takes a bullet to her thigh but not before getting a shot at Orchestra. Goaded into retaliation, Jonah tries to overwhelm the assassins with firepower but gets pulled out by Lehm at the last moment. The two of them regroup with Valmet and Koko, who is advised by Lehm to make a run for it with Jonah while he and the injured Valmet cover them. Realizing that Koko, their target is gone, Chinatsu advises Orchestra to pull back and go after their target, giving Lehm and Valmet a chance to rejoin Koko's gang. But the chase is still on.

I watch this show for Koko and Valmet. I don't necessarily ship them but I enjoy Valmet's pathetic attempt to seduce Koko. XD The art isn't really good this episode. But there are a few panels where it's almost breathtaking. On the average, however, it's so-so. I noticed the BGM for the first time. It reminds me of those old Western movies. Seems fitting. Or at least, I'm not particularly bothered by it.

more screencaps from episode 3: