Friday, June 1, 2012

Sakamichi no Apollon 7: Rock 'n' Roll

Things come to a head, with Kaoru not even speaking with Sen and Sen putting the moves on Yurika only to find that Brother Jun has been living in the basement of the Mukae Shop. Sen figures out who Yurika really likes after she runs away in tears just as Brother Jun comes out with a disparaging remark about her, prompting the younger man to punch him. Meanwhile, Kaoru gets paired up with Ri-chan to handle the applications for the school festival. It's still a little awkward but both are determined to patch things up between them. Not so with Sen and Kaoru though as Sen continues to hang out with his new rock 'n' roll homies. However, when the big day comes for the rock 'n' roll band, something goes wrong on the technical side which forces Kaoru and Sen to have an impromptu jam session much to the delight of the student body. It looks like the boys have patched things up again, except that in the next episode, something else happens which may or may not change their friendship forever.

Ever since their performance at the school festival, both Sen and Kaoru are drawing an inordinate amount of attention of the female persuasion. To her complete and utter confusion, Ri-chan is also realizing that she isn't entirely immune to Kaoru's charms as she previously believed, while Kaoru is still under the belief that she is still head over heels for Sen. Meanwhile, Yurika has her own period of drama when she finds out where Brother Jun has been staying and ends up not only cutting her hair but also living with him. The situation causes her to act differently, which is the reason why she frequently gets called by her teachers. Sen suspects what's truly going on but apparently doesn't suspect enough as he is shocked, not to mention heartbroken, when he sees the truth for himself. Kaoru, being the good friend that he is, comforts him by hinting somewhat broadly that he still has Ri-chan, not knowing that Ri-chan may already be having a change of heart. Sen only realizes who Kaoru is talking about when a casual remark from one of his adopted kid sisters leads him to remember a particular time in childhood when Ri-chan told him she wants them to get married.

Uh-oh. Dun-dun-dun!

more screencaps from episodes 7 and 8: