Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yanagi Nagi - Ambivalentidea (Jormungand ED Single)

RELEASED: 06.06.2012
LABEL: Geneon
1. Ambivalentidea
2. Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana
3. halo effect
4. Ambivalentidea (instrumental)
5. Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana (instrumental)
6. halo effect (instrumental)

(pw: animeshoon)

Alright. So, I haven't really been following this series much because it feels like watching the ugly, younger sister of Black Lagoon but jute, who is a huge fan of girls with guns, is still following it and insists that I post something about this show. But since I can't really talk about any of the episodes (which I haven't watched), I guess I'll just have to make do with this paltry offering. This is the outro theme of Jormungand. The show may not be much, and honestly, its music isn't much either, but this little baby is, after a little acquired tasting, pretty good. And now that I think about it, Yanagi Nagi is a familiar name because it's the same artist who did the ending theme for Shiki, yet another anime that I couldn't get into.

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