Friday, October 19, 2012

[Manga] Claymore 128, Blade of the Immortal c187-193

Claymore 128 

 It's still not exciting but at least the group has finally arrived in Rabona to see the mess that the Holy City is in. Good thing, they had the foresight to evacuate the city so that all that's left there now are the Claymores Clarice and Miata, ex-Claymore Galatea and some of Raki's former comrades in the Rabona ranks of warriors. Thank god we didn't have to spend another chapter on board the ship that was supposed to take the entire lot of them there, because I can't take another filler episode.

 Miria wastes no time getting acquainted with the situation and we learn that many Awakened Beings are gathering outside Rabona, drawn there by the strange power that's coming from the fused bodies of LucielaxRaphaela, Clare and Priscilla. Galatea also makes an appearance and she shows Miria's group an alarming sight: it looks like Priscilla is fighting to separate herself from the others and is almost succeeding in that venture. Of course, this means that Cassandra is making double time to reunite with the source of her current powers.

 I bet the next chapter is going to be plenty exciting. Cassandra will arrive and what would our erstwhile warriors do? I'm guessing they can't really stop her and Cassandra will succeed in freeing Priscilla, causing the two of them to fuse together to become one powerful mama. And then, I'm guessing we'll get a glimpse of how Clare is doing, which, she's probably inside that ball at the moment, having hot sex a serious conversation with the ghost of Teresa. Teresa, my bb!!!!!

Blade of the Immortal c187-193 

 In these chapters, a lot has happened but basically the main things are that Makie is a BAMF. Honestly, I love her. Samora man, please don't kill her. She is my bestest favoritest character in the whole of BOTI. If you kill her, I honestly can't take it and will probably be unable to read another chapter of your wonderful, glorious manga. Also, you have sick hands. I mean, the art in Makie's fight scenes brought to my eyes.

Rin is probably in love with Manji, judging from what Hyakurin says about her face when she watches Manji give Makie the TB medicine under the guise of a kiss and the way she leaps into danger in a wild attempt to somehow save him. 

Also Kagehisa finally arrives, with a fleet of arrow-pumping merchant vessels. He is here partly to come after Makie (and their reunion is understated but really touching) and mostly to end things once and for all with Habaki.

We get to see the preliminary fight scenes with Manji and Rin (wut?!) facing off the fearsome, armor-wearing Arashino, Kagehisa facing off Habaki and Makie against Doma and Tareishin. Meanwhile, a new ship is born with Magatsu and Ryo, Habaki's daughter. Er, no, but Magatsu does save her and carry her on horseback after finding her injured in the snow.

Next chapter.... I CAN'T!