Monday, October 29, 2012

FIRST LOOK: Jormungand: PERFECT ORDER, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Jormungand: PERFECT ORDER 1-2

So the second season premiers with Karen Low, formerly of the once powerful but now leaderless Daxinghai Company, suffering an all-time low, being essentially ronin. But considering her talents, it's not long before she gets picked up by, of all people, the crazily random Dr. Miami, Koko's robotics expert friend. Dr. Miami offers her a job as part of her entourage and though Karen's new gig isn't as exciting as her old one, she does get a chance to kick a few asses along the way. And then of course there is the added perk of running into Koko, whose possy includes archenemy, Valmet. Meanwhile, Koko has her hands full as usual, what with the launching of a rocket and a new menace in the form of dangerous CIA agent, Hex, looming in her horizon. She and Dr. Miami seem to be planning something but who knows what the plan is. On the other hand, it looks like R is a mole and is actually working for the CIA to bring down the Hekmatyar enterprise. Things are coming to a head.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 1-3

Mizutani Shizuku has no interest besides studying. One day, she gets asked by her teacher to bring some hand-outs to the class delinquent, Yoshida Haru, who hasn't come to school after being suspended for fighting in school grounds. Haru has a violent, misanthropic reputation but is it possible he's just misunderstood? Not exactly. He's violent and all that but he's also weirdly adorable and he thinks he's made his first friend in Shizuku, who, of course, couldn't care less about him. That is, until he kisses her out of the blue and suddenly, the very focused but usually clueless Shizuku finds a whole new problem in her hands.

This show is funny as hell and it is also honest-to-goodness cute. LOVE IT! The last time I liked a romance story like this was Kare Kano. That was a very long time ago. :) Anyway, I have very high hopes for this series.