Thursday, November 22, 2012

BTOOOM! 7: Virtual Bride

The episode begins with Sakamoto and Himiko's marriage in virtual BTOOOM. Back on the island, Sakamoto has a hairy encounter with Miyamoto but manages to escape to his hideout where Himiko and Taira are waiting for him. Being a war veteran and an expert tracker, Miyamoto, however, manages to track him and take Himiko as hostage. After his attackers leave, Sakamoto soon discovers that Himiko is the same Himiko that was his virtual bride in the game and resolves to rescue her, despite Taira's begging him not to go. Meanwhile, Himiko gets tortured by Miyamoto, who is now working with Natsume, the lawyer. Sakamoto arrives just in time to save her from further harm but not without some trouble from an all-too trigger-happy Natsume and a very intense and warrior-like Miyamoto. Although Himiko denies her identity as the virtual Himiko because of her ingrained distrust of men, she does help Sakamoto fight off Miyamoto. She attaches one of her gas BIMs on Miyamoto and makes her escape with Sakamoto.

This was a very thrilling episode in terms of action. Miyamoto is a formidable foe for Sakamoto because, even though he is not a BTOOOM player, his training and experience as an ex-soldier  makes him extremely dangerous and combative. In fact, Sakamoto was very lucky that Himiko decided to save him at the last moment. He would have been dead meat, otherwise. But in the end, the two characters end up saving each other and now I guess we're going to see the romance develop.
I'm quite curious about the game master and his unseen audience. What nefarious things are they up to? And what are they trying to accomplish by having random people kill each other on an island?
The animation was excellent this episode. It made the action sequences that much more engaging.