Monday, November 26, 2012

BTOOOM! 8: White Ghost

After last episode's close call, Sakamoto and Himiko decide to spend the night at an abandoned building and only make their way back to Taira during daylight. Sakamoto continues to act the gentleman, which confuses Himiko even more as she distrusts men but can't bring herself to hate Sakamoto, especially after she learns that he is the same Sakamoto that she married in BTOOOM.

Meanwhile, in another part of the island, a man and a woman are being attacked by comodo dragons. The man declares that he is going to protect the woman, only to have himself pushed by that same woman into the pit filled with the reptiles and killed for his chip.

Himiko suddenly wakes up to a frightening sight of a ghostly figure hovering over her. But when Sakamoto uses the radar to scout the area, he can't find anything. Eventually, he stumbles upon a strange room where he gets attacked by a woman with a missing hand. The woman turns out to be a previous BTOOOM player, Murasaki Shiki, who was betrayed by a male former colleague of hers.

Like Himiko, Shiki is distrustful of men and demands that Sakamoto leave them alone. After  Sakamoto is gone, Shiki then tells Himiko her story -- how she used to be a nurse who idolized Dr. Masahito and tried to help him in a medical malpractice case filed against him only to have him betray her, causing her to lose her job. In her anger, she writes Masahito's name down as the person she wants to disappear. As it turns out, someone else had also written her name, resulting in her ending up on the island with Masahito. At first, she worked together with Masahito, who had managed to win her trust yet again, but when they collected their sixth chip, Masahito suddenly turned on her and made it out of the island with his seventh chip: hers. Shiki lost her hand from the incident and has been on the island since then, evading discovery by other players due to her lack of a chip. Shiki then warns Himiko never to trust men as they are bound to turn on them just to get that last chip.

Not knowing any of this, Sakamoto comes up with a plan of collecting seven chips for one person so that when the helicopter that would take that person out of the island arrives, they could threaten the pilot with their BIMs to take them as well. Himiko agrees but doesn't tell Sakamoto about what would happen after they collect their sixth chip.

Ok. Dark. Shiki's first appearance really scared the shit out of me. Jesus, comb your hair, woman.
I really don't feel the emotional impact of all these shitty things happening to the characters. It can't be because I'm a robot because pretty sure I'm not. LOL I think it's a problem with execution and the lack of gravitas in any of the characters. I just can't take any of them seriously.
Well, it looks like I'm going to just stick this one out since there are only 12 episodes anyway. But I'm telling you, there are far more superior shows this season.