Thursday, November 1, 2012

FIRST LOOK: Shin Sekai Yori 1-4

I thought this show was going to be something along the lines of Another, but no. It's a convoluted little series about a group of kids with psychokinetic powers who discover something mysterious and sinister about the society they're living in. Except that it's not that sinister and the mystery is overrated. Also, not scary at all. 

The series begins with a series of attacks committed by the aforementioned psychokinetic powers. The disturbing thing about it is that the perpetrator appear to be young kids. The scene then cuts to a young girl whose dormant psychokinetic powers manifest for the first time. Instead of being alarmed, her parents appear to be relieved. Next thing we know, the girl, whose name is Saki, is in some kind of academy for the psychokinetically-gifted. We also learn that Saki is apparently a late-bloomer among her peers and that even her parents were worried that she wouldn't manifest her powers soon enough. We get our first clue that things aren't all sunshine and roses in Saki's new school when one of her friends, Reiko who is bad at doing "magic," disappears without a word. This is soon followed by the disappearance of another kid who cheated at a game. Things finally start to make sense when Saki's group capture a creature which reveals to them some incredible secrets about the history of the world.

I am not intrigued at all. Honestly, the show isn't entertaining. So I am dropping this from my list.