Friday, November 30, 2012

Jormungand: PERFECT ORDER 9

It's 1991 in Kuwait and Lehm recruits Wilee to be the explosives expert in a 4-man mission to destroy a chemical weapons plant. Apparently, Wilee, who is a graduate of architecture, has built quite the reputation for exploding things. The team encounters heavy resistance while infiltrating the plant and Wilee gets grazed with a bullet but otherwise the mission is successful. Years later, Wilee joins Lehm as a bodyguard of the young daughter of the world's largest shipping magnate, one Koko Hekmatyar.

This story is told on the road through Iraq where Koko and company are transporting supplies for a school. They are guided by a local, Nazal. For escort they have Excalibur, a group of soldiers turned mercenary, who turned out to be far too trigger-happy for their own good. Aware of the danger, Koko moves her people to prepare for an ambush. Valmet, who is driving one of the semis with Koko, points out that Nazal could be a spy. Wilee, who is known for his ability to sniff out an ambush, gets his chance to show off his skills, spotting traps, diffusing human bombs and giving it all back to Excalibur.

In the end, Excalibur is decimated and Koko and company continue on the road, minus Nazal who turns out to be a real spy.


Cool story, bro.