Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest 8: The Hour to Suppress the Princess

The military goes on an all-out attack against the Kusaribe Clan while the boys secretly make their way up towards the clan's hideout. With the help of Hakaze's talisman, they break through the magical barrier that shields the Tree of Zetsuen from prying eyes. Samon himself goes out to meet them and he and Hakaze debate over the wisdom of reviving the Tree of Zetsuen. Apparently, Samon and many of the Kusaribe Clan believe that the awakening of the Tree of Wisdom would right all the wrongs in the world. However, since the world is incomplete and imperfect, the Tree of Wisdom might fix it to the point where all existence would be wiped out. That is why, to prevent this, Samon is attempting to revive the Tree of Zetsuen first. Hakaze disagrees with this plan, believing that the Tree of Wisdom would merely make the necessary changes in the world without destroying it. For her trouble, her clan betrays her and abandons her on a desert island. But she has a trump card in Mahiro, who couldn't care less what happens to the world as long as he gets his revenge for Aika's death. But before Mahiro could make his move, Samon makes an astounding revelation: Hakaze has been dead for two years.

Shocking. So Hakaze really is dead and yet somehow, through her mage's power, she is able to travel in time so her past self could speak with Mahiro, etc. who are in the present. Time paradox anyone? Somehow I get the feeling that the Tree of Wisdom, which is on Hakaze's side, would be able to fix this one, too.
This episode is so full of exposition. I suppose they're necessary to get a few things out of the way, such as Samon's motivation and Mahiro's world view, but it's not a good way to present the story. Show, don't tell.
Is it only me? Or was Samon's habit of bringing down his sword hard against the ground for emphasis even when nothing really needed to be emphasized, annoying?
Honestly, how can they tell that skeleton is Hakaze's? They should at least mention DNA instead of Junichirou's comment about Hakaze's perfectly round skull. That's a load of BS.