Friday, December 14, 2012

Psycho-Pass 10: The Play of Methuselah

Early one morning, Akane receives an email from her friend, Yuki, asking to meet her. Suspecting trouble, Akane brings Kogami with her. The place turns out to be deserted and Kogami believes it's a trap. He decides to check out the place while Akane walks him through it with the navigation system in her car. But soon, she loses signal. Meanwhile, Kogami hears Akane's voice telling him that the place is an old subway line and that he should check out the train cars. However, the train suddenly comes on, taking Kogami on board. When he finds Yuki on board as well, he surmises that he was right about this being a trap but something doesn't seem right. The train eventually stops and Kogami and Yuki get attacked by some drone dogs, forcing them to take shelter through a metal door.

Back in the surface, the rest of Unit 1 learn about Kogami's disappearance. Gino typically suspects that Kogami might have set up the whole thing in order to run away. However, Akane refuses to believe it. In the tunnels, Kogami and Yuki find themselves becoming unwitting participants in a kind of fox-hunt where they are the prey and Senguji is the hunter. The whole thing has been set up by Makishima who says he wants to test both Senguji and Kogami's character. Senguji comes into it believing that this is nothing more than a normal hunt, albeit a challenging one considering his above-average intelligent victim, but what he doesn't know is that Makishima has decided to add elements of his own. He has provided Kogami a transmitter with the battery and antenna removed and placed in random, secret places. In order to beat the game, Kogami has to figure out where the items are.

Kogami accidentally comes upon the battery taped to one of the drone dogs. Later, he also figures out that this set-up was never meant for Akane, but for him. This is followed by his realization that if Yuki's role in all this is only as bait, then she has fulfilled her function when that email was sent to Akane. However, she ended up with him. An exhausted Yuki says that she must have been brought there in order to slow Kogami down and force him to make a hard choice. To Yuki's surprise, Kogami asks her to take off her clothes. It turns out that the antenna has been hidden inside Yuki's bra.

Back in the surface, Gino commands the team to search the entire tunnels and to shoot Kogami with the Dominators. Akane protests heatedly, pointing out once more that there is no proof Kogami ran away. But Gino is having none of it and merely says that Sibyl will decide whether to use lethal force or just a paralyzer. So Masaoka shoves him aside, saying that Gino has gone too far. Just then, Kogami's call comes through Yayoi's computer. The team immediately go into action with Gino shouting to send in all the drones.

That was really thrilling. But as soon as the characters said it was a trap, I knew the trap was set up by Makishima to capture Kogami so this wasn't a surprising episode for me. But it was pretty interesting how Kogami figured out where the antenna was kept. LOL coordinated underwear. Yes. Kogami would know about that. But I was half-sure that he was going to abandon Yuki. He probably would have if he didn't soon figure out that Yuki had the antenna somewhere in her person. Masaoka raising a hand against Gino in Kogami's defense...I'm sure we're going to see some repercussions for that. Dammit, Yayoi! Can't you do some other cool things besides check out the computer? Like kick some ass or something? Also, tsundere Gino.