Friday, December 21, 2012

Psycho-Pass 11: Saint's Supper

As Akane and Masaoka rush in to rescue Kogami, Gino and the rest of the team race to find the device that has been jamming their signals. They find it eventually, prompting Makishima to warn Senguji that the police are on to him. But far from giving up the hunt, Senguji reveals an incident from his past wherein a friend of his died. He says that he is experiencing the same feeling and he has never felt more alive. That said, the hunt is still on and Makishima continues to observe the game. A police weapon carrier arrives in the nick of time to give Kogami a fighting chance against the hunter. He manages to take down Senguji, using Yuki as bait. However, he also takes a bullet to his stomach in the process, leaving him weak and defenseless when Makishima comes around to take Yuki away. Akane and Masaoka soon arrive, the latter quickly giving him first aid. When Kogami warns Akane about Makishima, she runs off by herself to find him, but she is completely unprepared for what awaits her. Makishima Shogo is an utter sociopath who feels nothing -- no joy, excitement or passion for his victims or his crimes. A monster created from sheer will. For this reason, the Sybil System is ill-equipped to measure his crime coefficient, making the dominator in Akane's hands entirely useless. Makishima instigates her into killing him by giving her Senguji's shotgun and threatening to kill Yuki if Akane doesn't shoot him. Akane manages to take two shots but she has no will to kill and therefore misses. Seeing Akane rendered inutile, Makishima calmly raises his hand and cuts Yuki's throat right in front of Akane, whose dominator registers a zero crime coefficient. Later, a deeply traumatized Akane shares what she learned about Makishima to a badly injured but stable Kogami.

Oh my god. Can anybody say Dexter?