Sunday, July 13, 2014



In a quiet seaside town, a new boy, Kakeru Okikura, moves into town. Four friends, Touko Fukami, Yukinari Imi, Yanagi Takayama, and Hiro Shirosaki gather to watch the fireworks together. While having fun with bestfriend Yanagi, Touko spots Kakeru making his way through the crowd, seemingly unmindful of the festivities around him. Touko plays around with a pair of glasses that makes her see the fireworks differently and hear something strange. The next day, Touko helps with her family's glass factory business and afterwards hangs out with her friends at a cafe shop. The four friends are joined by Sachi Nagamiya and it becomes apparent that Sachi is the object of Hiro's affections. Later, Touko spends a day in the school yard, sketching the school chickens. She meets Kakeru, whom she unconsciously calls "David" as in the sculpture by Michaelangelo. Even though this is their first meeting, Kakeru calls Touko by her first name and says that the chickens will get attacked by cats. This prompts Touko to take the chickens home and forces her friends to take care of them, which pisses Yanagi off. The next day, the friends hang out at the cafe once more, and to Touko's surprise Kakeru is there and he tells her that he heard the same thing she heard at the fireworks festival.

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Slice of life of anime is not something I take to immediately. The first episode of Glasslip doesn't particularly stand out for me but I think it has potential. The art is good. Not brilliant or anything outstanding like that but it serves the genre well and the story being portrayed. My one issue with it is that I can't tell Touko and Yanagi apart because both have long brown hair. -_- 
One of the things that really stood out for me was the BGM. For slice of life anime, that's really a good thing since most of the time, nothing really happens on screen and oftentimes it's the BGM that carries the story along. 
I'm curious about Kakeru but I'm not blown away by Touko. I almost never am with the main characters. I do find Sachi cute and want to know about her and Hiro. There seems to be a love triangle going on with Yukinari, Yanagi and Touko. And with Kakeru's introduction, it's about to become a love square. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
All in all, I'm going to watch the next episode and see if things get interesting.