Monday, October 5, 2015

First Impressions: God Eater

Episode 1: Lenka Utsugi

Aragami are gigantic creatures that suddenly appeared and almost wiped out the whole human race. The last bastion of humanity survive inside a walled city, defended by warriors known as "God Eaters" who wield "God Arcs" -- weapons made from the cells of aragami assimilated into its bearer and the only thing that can kill aragami.

Our hero is Lenka Utsugi, a survivor from outside the walls who is assimilated with a new-type cell and trains as a "god eater" under the strict tutelage of Major Amamiya. When their city is attacked by aragami, Lenka goes against orders and rushes out to save the civilians from the rampaging creatures. In the heat of battle, the famed First Unit arrives to reinforce the defenders. Lenka reveals the ability to transform his "god arc" and kills an aragami, saving a civilian in the process.

The first episode  embodies the traditional seinen storyline of the protagonist, who is considered special to begin with, training to become great when circumstances and the plot force him into a situation where he inevitably exhibits his latent specialness.
Lenka's specialness makes him "un"-special as a protagonist so I am immediately uninterested in his story. Lindow is a little cool but the introduction of the First Unit is a little ridiculous. The aragami apparently waited for Lindow to finish his whole little speech before attacking. Their attack formation also leaves much to be desired. 
The animation is okay. I don't like the art style. Especially the design of the "god arcs." Somehow I imagined colossal weapons that spells death viewed from every angle -- not these dull, toy swords/guns that kids carry around.
All in all, I don't dislike the episode. I just don't find it very interesting and I have very little motivation for seeing the next episode.