Saturday, October 10, 2015

First Impressions: Subete Ga F Ni Naru

EPISODE 1: Chapter 1 - White Meeting

Nishinosono Moe is the pampered daughter of the president of a college (deceased). Every morning, she goes to see Saikawa Souhei, a multi-awarded college professor who was her dad's old student, to banter with him while just barely hiding her attraction to him. Saikawa appears insensate to her amorous leanings and philosophizes through their conversations. The brief entrance of Gido, a colleague of Saikawa, makes it seem that Saikawa is at least, on a subconscious level, aware of Moe since he apparently talks of nothing but her, according to Gido.

In the course of the episode, it is revealed that Moe had met a programming prodigy, Dr. Magata Shiki, through her aunt who is the wife of a politician. She rubs this meeting in Saikawa's face since Saikawa admires Magata, whom he considers a genius. The staff in Saikawa's lab appear to be planning a seminar on an island and Moe invites herself there in order to meet Dr. Magata again. Saikawa, who was not planning to go at first, decides to go to meet Magata.

This is a noitaminA anime and seems really interesting. Reading the plot, it's supposed to be a mystery thriller with the main characters trying to solve a serial murder case. However, the first episode is purely introductory, establishing character dynamics which will play a vital role as the story progresses into its plot. That said, I couldn't wait for it to be over so we can get to the good part.
I don't care much for the philosophizing. It all seems pretentious. The banter is okay I suppose. The most interesting character I find is Magata. I really liked her conversation with Moe which was framed like an interview. I suppose it was a interview for all intents and purposes but one that the interviewee (Magata), rather than the interviewer (Moe), controls right up to the very end.
The art style is nice. I like the muted colors and the simple lines. The BGM is composed of mostly classical pieces which blends well with the anime's style. I skipped both the opening and the closing theme so I have no comment about those.
My overall impression of the first episode of this anime is good. But, as I said, I can't wait to get to the real meat of the story.