Sunday, August 6, 2017

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan 3

Due to Fr. Joseph's final words, Roberto and Josef break into Fr. Michael Brown's room to get some answers. There, they find that the priests of Santo Rosario Church have preserved Fr. Michael's corpse and were apparently venerating it as a saint. Along with Fr. Michael's perfectly preserved corpse, the two also find an ancient relic: a piece of a lance that looked exactly like the Holy Lance relic stolen from the British Museum; as well as a copy of the Devil's book. Roberto goes through Fr. Michael's book collection and finds one that is written in runes -- the same ones he found at the murder scene of Fr. Klaus. Just then, Josef discovers a hidden compartment in a cabinet containing the other half of the tally counter given to Roberto earlier by the Vatican. Paired together, the tally counter reads as "Heinrich."


Josef gets Lauren di Luca, his hacker partner, to find out about "Heinrich" from the Vatican Bank's client list. Meanwhile, the hospital finds out that Sister Anna Dolores has disappeared from her room. The incident leads Fr. Johannes to introduce Roberto and Joseph to Fr. McGee. Fr. Johannes apologizes for the late introduction, saying that Fr. McGee has been locked up doing genetic research for the hospital. But introductions are interrupted when they are alerted to a demonic possession of student, Carlos Diego, prompting Roberto and Josef to prepare for exorcism. During the ritual, Josef deduces that Carlos Diego is not possessed but suffering from a psychotic break due to drug overdose. After Carlos recovers, he tearfully reveals that Fr. Klaus had been sexually abusing him and giving him drugs to keep him contained.

Because everything that happened, Roberto and Josef decide to cover up the sexual abuse and instead say that the exorcism was a success. Meanwhile, Roberto deduced something himself: the guard apparently has vision problems, which leads Roberto to conclude that Mario Lotte was not levitating but was actually strangled and held up in mid-air by his attacker. The stigmata was just a physical manifestation of extreme pain and fear from being attacked. Since Fr. Johannes confirmed the guard's account, they both deduce that Fr. Johannes is lying and is probably working with the killer. Roberto reads from the Devil's book where it is prophesied that in the battle between God and Satan, Satan will plant his seed in a pure woman and his son will save the world. Josef deduces that Sister Anna Dolores' immaculate conception will fulfill that prophesy.

The next day, Roberto and Josef encounter a strange woman in the church grounds. The woman is out of her mind and shows them her baby: a two-headed ragdoll. She recounts to them how she conceived the child in a ritual involving an upside down pentagram and candles as well as the presence of Fr. Josef, Fr. Klaus, Leon and Fr. Johannes. She reveals that her father, Michael Brown, came down to earth onboard an ark and that he was very happy when she conceived the baby whom he declares is Lord Janus' child. A priest from the hospital soon arrives and calls her "Mary." Two orderlies escort her back to the hospital while the priest explains that Mary has schizophrenia and is Michael Brown's adopted daughter. The priest reveals that Mary had given birth to a child with severe deformities that died shortly after but her other baby appeared to have survived.


Later, Josef reveals to Roberto what he has figured out from Mary's story: that Michael Brown may have been one of the Nazi members who escaped to South America after the war. With this, they surmise that Sto. Rosario Church may be helping Nazi members hide. This is later confirmed by Lauren who connects Heinrich with the Heinrich Social Welfare Organization which ostensibly gives aid to refugees in war-torn areas but in reality deals in insider trading, using the Vatican Bank as a front. Roberto then states that the Nazis love to use runes but that he cannot read the runes in the murder room because they are written in code. So Josef brings him to spy on some students holding a seance, surmising that they can figure out the runes from the students' ouija board. But the guard breaks up the seance and Josef and Roberto find themselves being attacked by a man in a skull mask.

Love how blase these Vatican priests are at covering up Carlos Deigo's sexual abuse.
And it's the Nazis. It's always the Nazis.