2015 Fall Anime Line-Up

So summer was a disappointment. I watched the first 2 episodes of Gangsta and didn't really enjoy it. The show had the makings of the typical formula that would hook me into a new series but I'm not that interested in anime anymore. Maybe I've outgrown it. I don't know. I try to get back to it from time to time.... so here's my latest attempt.


Superhumans - aliens, goblins, cyborgs, etc. - populate the world. They either live in the open or fight in secret. Hunted by a shadowy organization, superhumans are being protected by the Superhuman Bureau, led by Jiro Hitoyoshi, himself a superhuman.

It sounds interesting. And it's by Bones so I'm sure there's going to be a lot of WTF-ery in the middle of it but the animation will surely be topnotch.


300 years after the Calamity War between Earth and Mars, Cordelia travels to Earth to speak for the independence of the Martian city, Chryse. On her way there, her convoy is attacked by a group called, Gallarjhorn. Her private security guards, Mikazuka Augus and Orga Itsuka are thrust into conflict.

Sounds like the premise of Phantom Menace...and typical Gundam story. It's been a while since I last saw a gundam show. This might be good.

A-1 Pictures

Souhei Saikawa of the Saikawa Research Lab goes on a vacation with his labmates. Moe Nishinosono, the daughter of the Lab's chief, joins them unexpectedly. While at their vacation, Souhei and Moe find a corpse and two work together to uncover the mystery of what turns out to be a serial murder case.

Mystery thriller. I like it already. 


The backstory of Black Jack, the doctor who practices medicine without a license.

Could be interesting. I never watched the original series though.


Scientist Sousuke Banba attempts to solve the puzzle of monsters appearing and attacking people.

Horror. Good.


Horror story animated through rotoscope.

I love the concept of rotoscope. I'm curious about how the overall picture would look.


After the world system collapsed, the leading democracies turned into total surveillance states. Intelligence agent Clavis Shepherd is called upon to track down the terrorist John Paul in order to put a stop to the waves of genocide plaguing the continent.

Looks good. Premise is a bit ambitious but as long as the animation delivers, I'm good.

Wit Studio

In 19th century Europe, the Industrial Revolution is at its peak - fueled largely by Frankensteins - reanimated corpses - used as laborers. In this time and age, John Watson is recruited by the government to become a secret agent.

A secret agent for what? I saw the trailer and everybody is so baby-faced. The story is weird enough to catch my eye.

First Impressions: Durarara!! x2 Shou

Episode 1: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This episode is basically about Celty running from the cops, the whole thing being televised in the news and this is how we get to see every other character in the show again: they're all watching Celty on the news. Well, except for the violent blond guy who is watching his brother's interview on TV instead.


What's there to say really except that it's fun seeing the old gang again. Nothing has really changed. Everybody is still up to the same old shit. There's still a murderer on the loose. And I guess it's up to everyone again to stop the murderer. 
The art is still topnotch. I'm not really digging the music. I don't know if I'll continue to watch this series. 
God I miss Baccano. Why don't they make a sequel of that instead?

First Impressions: Death Parade

EPISODE 1: Seven Darts

A young newlywed couple, Takashi and Machiko, step out of an elevator with no memory of what happened to them before arriving there. All they remember is that they are supposed to be on their honeymoon. They find a mysterious white-haired bartender who welcomes them to "Queen Decim" and introduces himself as Decim. Without explaining anything to the couple, Decim proceeds to tell them that they are going to play a game with their lives on the line and until they finish the game, they cannot leave.

So what do our intrepid duo first do? They try to find a way out. Not surprisingly, they fail and then Decim reveals to them a horrible sight hidden behind the bar: dead bodies of people hanged upside down. This forces Takashi and Machiko to play along with Decim, thinking him to be a mad man. When they play the roulette, they end up choosing the game of darts, called Seven Darts. Decim explains that the player with the lowest score will win, but added that the targets are connected to their nerve-endings so that they would feel the pain of each hit.

As they play, Takashi and Machiko's memories gradually return and they both realize that they are not as happy as they thought they were and that they were both dead, having earlier died from a vehicular accident on their honeymoon. Takashi also remembers on their wedding day overhearing Machiko's friends talking about Matchy having an affair, which leads Takashi to believe that the child Machiko is carrying is not his. All through their wedding, Takashi pretends to be happy but deep down he harbors resentment towards Machiko. When Takashi confronts her about this during the game, Machiko reveals that Matchy is actually Machida Yuki, an old friend of hers, but later admits that she was indeed having an affair with another man.

In the end, Takashi loses the game and attempts to attack Machiko but is stopped by Decim, who reveals that he is the arbitrator who decides through the death game who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. He then puts the two back in the elevator. Afterwards, Decim talks to two companions of his and it is revealed that Takashi's soul is going to be reincarnated while Machiko's is going to the void.

The story is a pretty lackluster one for a series opener. Or have I become jaded? I wasn't shocked or moved by the story of Takashi and Machiko. The whole point of the death game is to reveal a person's true nature when tested to the limit. So they both turn out to be horrible people. But who do you think is more horrible? Takashi, who got cheated believing his wife to be true only to learn on his wedding day that she had an affair with another man? Or Machiko who believed she finally found the right man in Takashi only to learn later that he had not been true for he hated her for her past? And who got the worst of the lot? Takashi gets reincarnated. He will have to go through the pain of life all over again. Machiko goes to the void. She will become nothing. 
 Actually, I'm less interested about the players and more interested about Decim and his companions. What's their story? Are they spirits as well? 
The art is good. Not anything to write home about but fairly decent. The style is pleasing enough but doesn't really stand out from the rest out there. 
I'm not particularly impressed by the music, OP or ED. The OP seemed a bit too bouncy and kind of forced. I guess that's the point? Hmm.