Monday, September 22, 2008

Ryouko's Case Files 10: Ryouko is Moe

IN THIS EPISODE: OH EM GEE it's mini-me!
File # 9-B: Trap in Azumada

Picking up from the last episode, Ryouko and Izumida find themselves face to face with a child that looks amazingly like Ryouko. Just then, the NPP's anti-terrorist robot arrives and prepares to attack them. As Ryouko and Izumida draw their guns, the child suddenly grabs Izumida's tie and tries to speak with him though no words come out.

not quite the same

Through the security monitors, Ruriko observes Ryouko and Izumida escape from the robot with mini-Ryouko in tow. Apparently, Ryouko has taken advantage of the robot's programming which confuses mini-Ryouko's face with that of the real Ryouko.

At Ryouko's apartment, Izumida theorizes about mini-Ryouko. First, he dismisses that she is a clone since cloning technology is not yet that advanced. Next, he wonders if the child is Ryouko's, which theory Ryouko doesn't like one bit. Finally, Izumida says that mini-Ryouko is her blood-related sister, since she did mention that her father has many mistresses. This last theory seems the most plausible.

they have plans

Meanwhile, Ruriko continues to move her plan along, which includes the burning of a pharmaceutical company and a meeting with a member of the Ministry of Defense. In return for his help, she offers him the seat of the Prime Minister.
counting sheep

Back at Ryouko's apartment, Ryouko still hasn't told Izumida the truth but he decides to stay over anyway. Mini-Ryouko, who seems to have developed a liking for him, goes to his room to sleep. Izumida teaches him to count sheep to help her fall asleep.
ryouko feels left out

Unknown to both of them, Ryouko, with two wineglasses and a bottle of wine in hand, is secretly observing them from the doorway.


That morning, mini-Ryouko wakes up earlier than everyone and prepares breakfast, following the instructions on the magazine Ryouko has been reading: "101 Infallible Cooking Techniques for New Wives." Izumida thinks the child's name is "Monami-chan" after Lucienne and Marianne keep referring to her as mon ami. Ryouko immediately corrects his mistake but decides to call her "Monami-chan" anyway.
Izumida really has a thing for maids

Ryouko dresses up Monami-chan in a maid uniform and tells her that if she is going to stay, then she has to work. Izumida is quite the fan of Monami-chan in a maid outfit. Lucienne and Marianne also seem to enjoy teaching Monami-chan how to do household chores.
almost like a family
ahhhh ~
oh my, ryouko-sama

That evening, while Ryouko is taking her bath, she questions Monami-chan about her origin. But apparently, Monami-chan doesn't remember anything from before she woke up. Izumida, who is secretly eavesdropping on the conversation, gets the shock of his life when Ryouko draws the curtain back and orders him to hand her the bathrobe.


The next day, Ryouko gives Monami-chan a new hairclip as a reward for her good work. But that same evening, Ryouko calls her sister again for information on NPP's plans for Monami-chan. She adds that she can't have the child in her place for long and wants to send her to Africa or South America, anywhere so long as it's away. Unknown to her, Monami-chan hears everything and runs away.

time for action

Izumida, Lucienne and Marianne's search for Monami-chan yields no result. Ryouko is thus forced to ask Nonagase to activate the tracer device that she placed in Monami-chan's hairclip. But once they reach the ground level of Ryouko's condo building, the press swarm all over them. One group in particular is identified by Ryouko as from the Self-Defense Force who work for NPP. While she and the maid girls distract the Self-Defense Force, Izumida goes to find Monami-chan.
love this cap
Izumida is hot in this episode. Literally.
oh noes, she's down
monster of the week

The driver of the taxi that Monami-chan takes actually works for the NPP. He refers to Monami-chan as R-9 and reports her location in Azumada to his superiors. When Izumida arrives, the NPP has already laid out a trap for her. They use the anti-terrorist robot to set fire to the surrounding area, keeping Izumida from coming near Monami-chan. Then, when she tries to escape, they electrocute her, causing her to fall down unconscious. They then take her away while Izumida watches helplessly.

The anti-terrorist robot sights Izumida and prepares to take him down. Before it could shoot, however, a huge toad emerges from the swamp. It proceeds to attack the robot and then puts out the fire.

what to do now

Back in Ryouko's apartment, Izumida apologizes to Ryouko for his failure to secure Monami-chan. He adds that the appearance of the legendary toad in Azumada could mean that Monami-chan has the same power as Ryouko: that is, both of them can summon otherwordly creatures.

Meanwhile, in a super secret lab, Ruriko watches over an unconscious Monami-chan inside a glass tank. It is revealed that Monami-chan is Professor What's-his-name's legacy and that she is still in the stage of development.

I wanted more action, but mini-Ryouko is fine, too. Exactly what is white-haired lady planning? More importantly, what does she have against Ryouko? I am not one bit curious.

LOL at Izumida and the maid fetish. Maybe Ryouko should dress up as a maid since that seems to be the only thing that catches his attention. He doesn't even put the moves on when she's standing naked right in front of him. What a tool.

I wanted to find out more about Ryouko's family, too. Especially her sister, since she seems to be the only one who knows how to handle Ryouko.