Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ryouko's Case Files 02: Flirting with Danger

Ryouko does her thing again. Izumida is PWNED.
EPISODE 02: Tower of Crime, Ginza (Part II)
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Izumida arrives at the scene only to find that Ryouko's got a handle on the situation. It seems Ryouko has figured out who the woman really is after seeing a case filled with suspicious-looking vials on the liquor shelf behind the counter. With a gun pointed at the woman, Ryouko questions her about the mummification incident. The woman, however, drinks the mummification poison before she can be of any real help. Oh and yeah, Izumida plays the hero and tries to shield Ryouko from the explosion with his own body. Sweet ^.^

Later, as police secures the crime scene, Akira (Yukiko's assistant) arrives with the Ex-Cabinet Member from the previous episode. It seems that the baddies who attacked Izumida have been fired by him earlier that night. What he's really saying is that, he has nothing to do with the incident. Ryouko, however, is not fooled.

Meanwhile, Ryouko and Izumida's professor friend receives a strange visitor.
oh crap -- is that a frickin' snake? oh noes, billy!!!

A man arrives and presents Ryouko with a new pair of fire red shoes, to replace the gold ones that got damaged when Izumida did the hero thing earlier. Perhaps as punishment, Ryouko has tasked Izumida to carry her, piggyback, all the way to the entrance of the building. She then introduces the man as someone who works for her father's company -- apparently, one of the largest security firms in the country. Izumida just looks dazed.

Ryouko and Izumida arrive at their professor friend's apartment only to find that the entire building is caught in a fire. Ryouko receives a report about the moon-worshiping cult and sees none other than the Ex-Cabinet Member posing with the cult's leader in the accompanying photo.

Her suspicions confirmed, Ryouko and Izumida return to the Quarantine Health Research building, intending to sneak inside and gather evidence. Just before they get into action, Izumida asks Ryouko to be careful. Ryouko does not take this too kindly as she mocks Izumida's concern for her safety by asking him if her death would inconvenience him. Izumida is too honest not to take the bait and answers yes. There's some grabbing (Ryouko's being her flirtatious self) and a very, very brief (IMHO, too brief) moment where Ryouko is completely serious and Izumida is...well, Izumida. But nothing really happens and Ryouko ends up instructing Izumida the right thing to say if things get too hairy for her: "I won't let you die."
seriously -- why do they keep shooting at us? am i not beautiful enough?

The baddies are alerted to the presence of intruders in their building. But despite this, they are still unprepared for the attack, even as Ryouko and Izumida none-too-subtly use the elevator. If you thought Izumida had some killer moves, wait till you see Ryouko's Flying Knee-to-the-face Close Quarters Combat Technique (TM)!

A colleague of theirs manage to find his way inside the building and I have to say: I've never seen a more shamelessly obvious plot device. But I don't care really because Ryouko then tortures a baddie for information by stepping on his crotch. Yawch! After successfully getting information from him, Ryouko then instructs the colleague (of course! while else would he magically appear in that place?) to bring the evidence and the detainee to the station.

Next, Ryouko orders Izumida to steal the mummification poison samples from a safe in the lab. I swear, if these things are that valuable, why the hell did they store them in a safe that anyone could crack? Then, as Izumida grumbles about stealing stuff on the occasion of a fire, Ryouko gets an idea of starting a fire. For what reason? Figure it out!

In another part of a building, a cult fanatic is talking psychobabble to the Moon Goddess when Ryouko and Izumida arrive. The cult fanatic turns out to be the Ex-Cabinet Member! Sorry, I forgot his name. He says that the cult has been conducting experiments on plants, animals and finally people in their quest to find immortality. As proof, he presents a gigantic white python, which according to him has reached that size because of the immortality potion. Apparently, for as long as reptiles are alive, they will keep growing.

Ryouko's cavalier attitude towards the cult pisses him off, so he reaches for his gun. But Ryouko is a faster draw and she shoots the gun right off his hand with the use of a crossbow. Left with no other choice, the Ex-Cabinet Member then reveals that he has the professor in custody, which, in turn forces Ryouko to use her bargaining chip: the sample vials. She plans to exchange the samples for the professor's release, stating that they have no way of recreating the samples because she has already burned the lab. Aha!

However, as it turns out, the professor is also a villain. Oops! Fortunately, Ryouko has already figured this out as she kicks the knife from right off the professor's hands. How does she know? When she shows the ring to professor in the previous episode, the professor thought at first that it was his and Ryouko picked up on his hesitation. Also, the woman at the bar attacked them only after Ryouko revealed to the professor that she suspects the Quarantine Health Research as the real culprits behind the mummification incident.

The cult members start shooting at Ryouko and Izumida, who does the hero thing again and tries to shield Ryouko from the bullets with his own body. Sweet! ^.^ Not so sweet for the professor as some of the bullets hit the control panel which caused the bridge he is on to lower down to the python's cage. He gets swallowed, along with an entire carton of the samples. That must be all kinds of painful. Oh, but it seems that this is not the last time we'll see the poison as it looks like the professor gave the white-haired lady a few of the samples himself.
that's awesome. ridiculous, but awesome.

Meanwhile, Yukiko and Akira, along with a battalion of police forces, are busy securing the whole building when they hear an explosion coming from the upper floor. After eating more of the samples, the python has grown much larger in size, destroying the surrounding areas. Ryouko and Izumida escape to the roof where they expect a helicopter (courtesy of Ryouko's filthy rich family) to pick them up. The Ex-Cabinet Member follows them but before he can do them harm, the python emerges through the roof, causing portions of the roof to fall off.

The helicopter arrives at the scene but they find that Ryouko and Izumida are barely hanging on to a small ledge. Izumida is the first to grab the rope ladder but as the wind blows, he gets carried away, leaving Ryouko still hanging by the ledge. Ryouko then takes Izumida up on his earlier statement about not letting her die and jumps from right off the ledge fifty stories above the ground and sure-death. Thankfully, Izumida, lovely man, catches her. They then exchange some hot looks with each other. For the love of god, get on with it already! ^.^
make sure it all sounds logical on the report

The next day, Ryouko watches with disinterest the result of their adventures from last night. She supposes that the building is going to be demolished and she comments that the mayor of Ginza will only be pleased to do it. Apparently, the building ignores height restrictions in the building code of the district.

Yukiko then arrives, demanding an explanation. Ryouko relates to her a tale about Adam and Eve and the apple and the snake, which confuses Yukiko even more. Then, she graciously adds that she'll leave the drafting of the report to Yukiko's able hands.

Izumida and the "shoes guy" (lolz) watch Ryouko walk away from the scene. Apparently, the men of the police force have a nickname for Ryouko: something like "the woman who would dare to walk all over Dracula." Well, she is scary.

A het pairing! OMG, I love Ryouko x Izumida. That's all. This was a pretty ridiculous episode but it didn't piss me off, amazingly enough. I was willing to look over the obvoiusly contrived plot twists for some more Ryouko x Izumida interaction and I was not disappointed.

This is classic. ^.^