Monday, January 19, 2009

Marimite 4th 03: Search for Little Miss Little-Sister

Yumi and Yoshino decide to hold an audition to find their respective petite-soeur with some drastic consequences as nasty rumors about Touko spread around and Noriko cries in front of the Maria-sama statue for no apparent reason. In this episode of Marimite it's all about drama (and surprisingly no lesbians, unless you read every single line that Sachiko delivers using yuri-goggles).
EPISODE 03: Petite-Soeur Audition
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After Sachiko's abrupt announcement the night of the school festival, Yumi is in pathos over finding a petite-soeur soon. Yoshino, who is in a similar situation with Eriko, has the ridiculous idea of holding an audition. Not surprisingly, Yumi and Noriko aren't too keen on it but Sachiko, who overhears the conversation, is all for anything to increase her harem. And when Yumi starts to protest, she just gives her the Certified Hit Onee-sama Glowy Look (TM), reducing the other girl into a gushing gooey mass of little sister adoration.
Yumi is suddenly reminded of that time when Sachiko was also forced to pick a petite-soeur by the former Rosa Chinensis, and she wonders if she is going to have a similar "washisabe millionaire" experience. But Sachiko, who suffers from selective amnesia, has no idea what she's talking about. Even so, Yumi steps out, fully expecting to bump into a potential petite-soeur, but it's only Rei. For some reason, this is funny and everybody laughs.
A moment later, Rei strongly reacts to Yoshino's audition idea. Then, at Yoshino's insistence, she relents but only if the audition is held after her kendo tournament. Yoshino thinks that by that time, it would be too late, thus unconsciously revealing that she is running against a deadline. At Rei's pressing, Yoshino finally tells everyone that Eriko has been pressuring her to find a petite-soeur. Of course, with some embellishments, for Rei's sake. She makes it sound as if, instead of Yoshino being forced to do something by Eriko, she is doing it out of her own volition in order not to disappoint the former Rosa Foetida. As expected, Rei buys the bullshit.
The Rosas decide to turn the audition into a Yamayurikai event, which they are going to announce to the school with the help of Mami (ah, that's her name!) of the Journalism Club. Yumi, Yoshino, Shimako and Noriko discuss this at the Rose Mansion, while elegantly eating apples with the use of a fork. Eventually, they decide to turn the audition into a tea party instead as a way, not only for Yumi and Yoshino, but all the other students to meet their petite-soeur. Though the idea gets both Sachiko and Rei's approval, the third years refuse to help, saying that they are too busy with other stuff. That leaves Yumi, Yoshino, and the White Rose pair, which is more than enough girl-power. But then again, Noriko has ISSUES.
The audition is officially started and the Rosas have installed a slave-student to handle the sign-up forms. Meanwhile, Noriko is approached by classmates who insinuate to her that the choice is pretty much made for Yumi. Of course, they're referring to Touko and Noriko asks them why. So they obligingly tell her that since elementary school, Touko has always said that she wanted to be a Rose and become the next Ogasawara Sachiko. Well, of course, when you're that fabulous, who doesn't it? But this exchange really troubles Noriko.
The situation doesn't get any better when at the end of the day, the much talked-about Yamayurikai audition yields only 12 sign-ups, with neither Touko nor Kanako joining. Later, Noriko catches up to Touko in the hallway and tries to get her to talk to her about the Yumi situation. It is apparent that Touko is not unaware of the rumors going around but she is far too proud to let show that it's affecting her. She is even too proud to let Noriko help her, which of course sends the other girl into deep pathos, so much so that she cries in front of the Maria-sama statue. Fortunately, Shimako is there with her so no one comes to wonder about her sanity. Instead, we are treated to a yurilicious moment with the delicate White Roses. Meanwhile, Yumi is having her own moment with Kanako, wherein they use Mars and the stars and all kinds of celestial bodies as direct symbolisms of their lesbian lovers.
The next day, Sachiko goes to the first year's classrooms and encounters Noriko there. She asks Noriko to bring Touko. But instead of the rape scene we have all been waiting for, all that Sachiko does to Touko is vaguely threaten her with S&M and handcuffs if she doesn't sign up for the petite-soeur audition. Touko is conflicted because as much as she wants to get it with Sachiko, she also wants it with Yumi, and also Noriko is all: "I'm available!" And I have no doubt she is telling the truth, considering how girl has the misfortune of picking a Buddhist for an onee-sama. But then Noriko tears up the sign up form with Touko's name in it as if to say that Touko would never make a decision based merely on Sachiko's threats, no matter how appealing they may be. After Noriko leaves, Touko looks out the window, searching for Mars, I think. At the same moment, Yumi, who is standing outside the Rose Mansion, likewise looks up, and it all closes quite beautifully, before the ridiculous ED clip begins.

I've said all my thoughts in the above recap.