Saturday, January 24, 2009

Toradora! OST

RELEASED: 01.07.2008
1. Startup
2. Magic of love
3. Morning Glory
4. Kotori no Etude
5. Kaze wo Kiite
6. Duty of love
7. Happy Monday
9. Chance Chase Classroom
10. Kanchigai Hour
11. Kitchen In The Dark
12. Psychocandy
13. Ki Me Ze Fi Fu
14. Creme Brule no Tsukurikata
15. Yuugure no Yakusoku
16. Hey! You are lucky girl
17. Great escape
18. love on the balloon
19. Tiger VS Dragon
20. Monochrome set
21. Lost my pieces
22. Small Heaven
23. Next Mission
24. Sora iro no Houkago
25. Ame iro Rondo
26. Todoka nai Tegami
27. Onna no Ko no Kimochi
28. Yasashisa no Ashioto
29. Tears of dragon
30. Eyecatch
31. Pre-Parade (TV-SIZE)
32. Vanilla Salt (TV-SIZE)

Toradora! anime is about halfway finished. For a series which I earlier dismissed as typical romantic-comedy, Toradora! surprised me for its capacity for depth on certain moments. I have to admit though, I watch the show more for the comedic moments and less for the plot. That said, I didn't pay much attention to the music, apart from the OP and ED themes, which IMHO are typical light anime themes.

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Despite that, I still gave this OST a thorough listen. The first track, Start Up, sounded pretty good on first listen but I don't know whether it will be able to hold its charm for long. I do like the guitar touch to an otherwise lightly electronic, synth-pop track. Other tracks I liked are Kotori no Etude (sort of like a fake Chopin), Kanchigai Hour (which is jazz and probably provides the BGM for when Ryuuji's mom shows up), Psychocandy (exactly what it's name says), and Yasashisa no Ashioto (a slow guitar number).

The OST overall is pretty varied with some really light tracks and some really sad tracks. There are also some crazy-sounding tracks, too, but apart from Psychocandy, they don't really mean anything out of context, which means that they're not great as standalone tracks.

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