Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another 8: At the beach

Under the pretext of looking for Matsunaga, some of the Class 3 students decide to go on a trip to the resort hotel where Matsunaga works and lives. However, when they get there, Matsunaga is away, so they all decide to hit the beach instead. Misaki happens to be there as well as her family's vacation house is located nearby. Teshigawara leads the boys in playing pranks on the girls while Akazawa rounds up the girls for some payback. All in all, it's a fun get-away and the kids are completely relaxed, believing that they are safe from the curse since they are outside of Yomiyama village. Matsunaga soon arrives but he still can't remember much of what happened to the 1985 Class 3. He and Reiko do remember that it had something to do with the school trip, during which an accident happened, leading to the death of one student. Then when Matsunaga starts to remember more, a strange wind blows a beach ball into the water. One of Kouichi's classmates goes out to get it and gets killed by a passing speedboat.

An episode with the best opportunity for fan service so, of course, we get that. But what I like about this episode is that it's lighter than most episodes that have come out so far. Of course, things get very dark indeed towards the end. But this is one of those rare moments where we get to see the kids relax and just be kids. Teshigawara is a hoot. I love him. I'd ship him with Akazawa if I wasn't already spoiled by Wikipedia. Oh well. Anime.

more screencaps from episode 8: