Sunday, April 29, 2012

Re: Shipping

Recently, jute wrote a post about shipping here. I decided that, well, I have my own ships, too. And here are my top ten ships, in no particular order:

Oosaki Nana x Yasu 
from NANA
I actually ship Yasu with most everyone in the series. He's just that kind of guy whose sensitivity and caring can be easily misinterpreted for affection, even love. This combined with his badass look is a potent combination. I mean, he looks like a frickin' yakuza but with a heart of gold. In my book, that means WIN. But as much as I like Yasu with his string of serious girlfriends, I really like him more with Nana O. They kissed once in both manga and anime. Granted, Nana was drunk at the time. I was still pretty thrilled when it happened in canon. And there's that conversation they had where Nana asks him if he wants to sleep with her and he's like, "sure, why not?" and takes it back as a joke only to have his bluff called when Nana says that he's in love with her and he can't bring himself to deny it. So I've been going on with the belief that Yasu is in love with Nana and cares about her so much that he's willing to suffer in the sidelines as he pushes her to Ren, whom she does love and who loves her back.

Sanosuke x Megumi 
This couple is delicious in fanfiction. The ship doesn't exist in manga but they kind of do in the anime. I love their flirting banter.

Taichi x Chihaya 
This ship has to happen, dammit. Please.

Rock x Revy 
It's more than just a personality clash between these two but a war between philosophies. They're so different and yet so utterly connected, it explodes my screen. And we all know that Revy can whip Rock's ass and he'd be like, "yes, more, please." wahahahah

Senjougahara x Araragi 
I think I explained this before.

Ichigo x Rukia 
from Bleach
I haven't been religiously following this show but from the first, I've always assumed they were going to end up together. Kubo-sensei has managed to muddle that with Orihime but eh, IchiRuki all the way.

Tsunade x Jiraiya 
from Naruto
Because Jiraiya would have been the only one powerful enough to handle someone like Tsunade. Well, except may be Orochimaru but that guy's like in love with Sasuke or something. Also, Jiraiya is a perv and Tsunade is kind of like a perv target with those, err, assets of hers.

Tsuruku x Yukiatsu 
from AnoHana
Well, Tsuruko likes Yukiatsu, that's pretty much settled. And I think that if Yukiatsu just takes a moment, he'd realize he likes Tsuruko, too. I mean, he certainly finds her pretty. Plus, she's smart enough to know that she'll never replace Menma for him. Her insecurity over Anaru is endearing, instead of frustrating. She's a kid after all who's been pining after one of her best friends for pretty much her whole life. She is allowed to feel threatened by Anaru's confrontational relationship with Yukiatsu because she herself cannot do so, not after all those snide comments she's made about his obsession over Menma. Sigh. Kids will be kids.

Otono-tachibana Makie x Anotsu Kagehisa 
Just sad. So sad. Please, Samura-sensei, don't kill Makie off. She's too awesome to die.

Mutta x Serika