Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sakamichi no Apollon 3: Love is complicated

Sentarou is in love. The symptoms are obvious to Kaoru, who, while thinking that he could move on Ritsuko with Sentarou out of the way, decides to help his friend. They meet after school at Sentarou's home so they don't risk Ritsuko overhearing their boy's talk. While there, Kaoru sees what a big family Sentarou has and how he is very much the big brother. After spending some time with Sentarou's family, the boys soon withdraw to Sentarou's room where Kaoru proceeds to suggest a group date with the two boys, Ritsuko and Yukari. Sentarou is down with this but balks at Kaoru's insistence that Sentarou should be the one to ask Yukari. Still, Kaoru gets his way and Sentarou has an excruciating and deeply embarrassing time asking Yukari out the next day in school -- embarrassing because Yukari is with friends and excruciating because Sentarou draws a blank every time he tries to talk to her. Eventually, he succeeds but botches it up when he unthinkingly tells Yukari that it was Kaoru who wanted to ask her out, much to Kaoru's annoyance. Ritsuko doesn't know about the group date, of course, and is understandably surprised when Yukari shows up on their outing and Sentarou literally faints. Yukari explains that Kaoru asked her to come, which seems to relieve Ritsuko. The reason for this later becomes clear as Kaoru unintentionally witnesses Ritsuko break down and cry over Sentarou's obvious crush on Yukari. That is when he realizes that Ritsuko has feelings for Sentarou. In school the next day, Sentarou shows off a handkerchief that Yukari gave him. Out of sympathy for Ritsuko who is within earshot, Kaoru slaps the handkerchief away, earning Sentarou's ire. The two of them later almost come into blows in the rooftop but Ritsuko puts a stop to it and even gives Sentarou back Yukari's handkerchief. Apparently, she is under the belief that the two boys are fighting over Yukari. She confesses to Kaoru later that day that she wishes she was born pretty like Yukari. Kaoru almost confesses his feelings for her then but holds back. That evening, Kaoru practices Bill Evans' Someday My Prince Will Come while dreaming of one day playing it to Ritsuko. The next day, Kaoru accidentally sees Sentarou in a compromising position with Yukari. Disgusted by Sentarou's behavior, Kaoru impulsively tells Ritsuko that he wants to play the piano for her. At the studio, he plays Someday My Prince Will Come while Ritsuko listens. When he's done, Ritsuko compliments his skill, thinking that it was just a rehearsal for when he would play the song for Yukari. But Kaoru corrects her notion, saying that this is the real performance. He finally tells her his feelings and adds that he is willing to wait.

Kudos to Kaoru for not being a wuss. He confessed. He actually confessed. And he took time to set up the romantic mood, too. Too bad it didn't work. LOL Still, gotta admire the effort. Of course, girls like Ritsuko probably prefer Sentarou's impulsiveness and spontaneity to Kaoru's calculated moves. I don't know if this will end well for Kaoru. I kinda feel sorry for the guy. He's clearly a good boy but it's hard to beat someone like Sentarou. It would have been better if things would end well for Sentarou, too, but it doesn't look it. Yukari doesn't seem interested in him. She's older. Sure, it's only a one-year gap but the psychological difference is huge. Girls like Yukari would go totally go for older, mysterious guys. Ha! Guess who in this anime fit that description?
The BGM  is especially noticeable this episode. Also, Someday My Prince Will Come is totally the theme song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Which I hated, btw. hehe 

more screencaps from episode 3: