Monday, November 19, 2012

Space Brothers 33: The Moon Rabbit

It's been a while since I blogged about this series. I still watch it intermittently. So anyway, in this episode, it's the long-awaited and much-anticipated moon landing. Hibito does what Hibito does best. He's got the exuberance of a child this one, something he never managed to shake off from when he was a kid dreaming of becoming an astronaut. It's nothing to be ashamed of -- this child inside every one of us. As adults, we all try to suppress this inner child, thinking about adult things, doing adult stuff, trying to show only adult composure in all situations, because that's what we think society expects from us. But really, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with letting our true selves go and be as carefree as we all used to be. The world is ours to shape and mold and everything belongs to us. We are history in the making and our mistakes will make us glorious, so by all means, let's jump and leap and shout and laugh and cry "yay!" We are here. We are now. And we will always be.