Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jormungand: PERFECT ORDER 6-8 Welcome Home, Tojo

Kaspar and his team get into a bit of trouble in Southeast Asia, prompting him to work with Koko in flushing out their Japanese rival. Still smarting from the recent loss of R, Koko decides to help her brother through Tojo, who is a former member of Japan's Special Research (SR) Unit. Meanwhile, Jonah takes a joyride with Kaspar to see the children he helped save at that soldier camp and sees for himself that they're doing well. Back with the plot, Tojo contacts his old boss and sets up a meeting with them but the guy betrays him, first by sending in a team to assassinate Kaspar and then sending another one to take out Koko. Both attempts fail, however, largely due to the Hekmatyars' fantastic team of bodyguards. But Tojo learns that his old boss didn't really betray him. He only set up the attacks to give his unit a good fight before they are officially disbanded.

This was a really exciting arc. Lots of shooting and car-chasing action. Plus, an interesting back story for Tojo. And we really can't have enough Kaspar. :)